yesterday all my senses bathe at the ecstasy of your presence. it was yesterday but i can still feel you today. the kisses you plant on my nape, the calm and comforting embrace of your arms, the sweet scent of your breath, the warmth of your body, the intensity of your spirit- i can still feel you despite the hundreds of miles distance.

i hate how the lingering smell of your sweat and perfume haunts me. i hate the slideshow of our memories playing at infinite loop inside my brain. i hate how you manage to turn my world into you. i hate how this eruption of feelings dominates my mind and body since the alarm woke me at 6. i hate how I repress myself to express the overwhelming tides of emotions. i hate how these sentences start with “i hate” when in fact most of them actually starts with “i love.”

tomorrow i know i will still wallow at the pleasure of your existence. the memories of yesterday could cover up for your physical absence. the trail of kisses you leave on my body, the heat of your embrace, the sweet vapors of your body, and the strength of your spirit will remain and be cherished until we meet again. who knows.

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