a wrinkle in my time

1st of september, year 2009 at the gregorian calendar, 10:13 in the evening, pacific time- i think a bend in time has occurred to my life’s universe today. i am writing this to take into account all the things that has happened and are still happening as i am typing this note.

a few minutes ago, the 11 year old self of my almost 18 year old sister and the angst-intoxicated persona of my father years back had resurfaced, resulting to an evening of nostalgia.

father teases the sister about the horn-like formation of her hair as she gets up from her bed. he then starts mocking her about her teenage rebellious attitude and sings the lyrics of her past actions and immaturity. sister retaliates by doing what she does best 7 years ago- wail, cry and scream like a hyena possessed by the demon of pre-teen years.

an epic battle of chaos that i have not seen years ago ensues.
earlier this morning, at about 8:40 Pacific time, i saw another me at the car of the subway train that i ride on my way to work.

i do not force you to believe me. now this might sound like any typical scene from heroes or from any sci-fi media with a time travelling storyline, but it actually happened to me a while ago.

the feeling is a blended rush of fear, surprise, curiosity, anger and amusement. i saw the other me standing only a few meters away from where i was seated the moment i opened my eyes from my usual daily train nap. i had to blink and rub my eyes a few times to make sure that the other me was not just a figment of my imagination. he could be a look-alike, but having the same gray v-neck shirt, the same faded blue skinny jeans, the same aviator shades, the same height, the same hair that i used to have, and the same face and facial features that i have is too surreal to be just somebody who looks like me.

i studied the other me from my seat. although i was tempted to approach him, fear coats me for a certain reason. aside from the fact that i am 98% sure that he is another me (wearing the same clothes, hair, face that i have) we totally look different earlier. today i wear my hair semi-formal, combed to the right a la emo emilio jacinto. he wears a pseudo mohawk hair that i used to have before. the actual me wears a yellow billabong shirt, he wears the gray v-neck shirt that i also have. i wear my brown shades, he wears the black aviators that i left at the office yesterday. if there was anything that i do not possess that he owns, that is the black shoulder bag that he wears from his left shoulder. i swear, the feeling is bloody weird. seeing another you with the same facial expressions, gestures, and clothes was beyond surreal- you’d think you’re high on pot or alcohol.

the other me left the train one station ahead. he ran upstairs like what i usually do whenever i exit the train.

if ever that really is another me, i wonder what the hell is he doing on that same train at that exact moment with me. what could have been his purpose? what could have happened if, let’s say. i chased him and cornered him somewhere? i don’t now but i’d like to know the answer.

tonight, after the tides of my father and sister’s quarrel has subsided, i pray to meet this other me again tomorrow.

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