terminal cessation of gravity

his perfectly shaped spitball hit his face the moment he spits it down to the newly opened mouth of the company accounts executive who just gave birth to a yawn.

in a matrix movie slow motion kind of way, the sagging boobs and the flapping skin of the mylf (mrs you like to fuck) in front of you was lifted to the heavens, that also lifted the jaw you dropped just seconds ago from that believe-it-or-not moment.

coldplay’s don’t panic served as the soundtrack of his afternoon down the subway train. it played in loops that gave him the hypnotic illusion of the ellipsis, like the seemingly never-ending blinks of the white lights that the train passed through the subway tunnel. the moment he closed his eyes, rapid eye movements possess him and transported him to that land where buttons of all sizes, shapes and colors attacked him. he woke up with a loud thud, the train stopped, and all the other people sleeping at the train found themselves lying flat on the train car’s roof. coldplay’s don’t panic still floods his ears. the long straps of his backpack kept him flat to his seat.

as he came inside her, fear of all sorts converted themselves to active neurons that made their way up to the busy circuits of his brain. a baby is a foreign and far-fetched idea. it is a definite n to the o. he withdrew his penis as fast as he came. to his surprise, he saw all his seeds came out of the girl’s valley as it ascended fast up to the ceiling like a thread creating a post-modern picture of a white fountain springing forth from a woman lying in a soot-smeared, lust-painted room on the 4th floor of a government built pseudo condominium for the family of the armed forces.

she cried, but her tears chose not to fall from the ground but to the sky. her head followed the upward direction of the tears. it goes up, up, up, down, down, down, to that seemingly infinite abyss of the universe. she looked at the direction of her feet and saw the tree that killed two 10 year old children who took its fruits a few years ago. she saw people following her ascension. she saw hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of clueless bodies colliding with the layers and layers of atmosphere at the sky.

it was his birthday. he looked up at the universe from the bottom of a well. in less than 18 seconds, he thought the universe, the sky, the stars, that infinite abyss beyond the last layer separating the earth from space were all crashing down to him. 30 seconds later, he realized that he was on a freefall, about to crash to the stars.

soon, oxygen escaped him together with all the hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of people that crashed to the sky like human meteorites.

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leroy said...

more kinky parts! yay! :D

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