hold your scream inside the hurt locker

the hurt locker is a bomb that you can’t easily diffuse by shutting your eyes and covering your ears. this kathryn bigelow film about a group of u.s. army explosive ordnance disposal (eod) (bomb squad) team in present day iraq is more explosive than the transformers smashing and destroying structures and historic monuments around the globe.

the explosions of this war movie are not limited to the bombs exploding around the warzone. it extends and resonates far deeper into the senses, echoing the violence of war, amplifying the deafening silence caused by the conflicts of the mind and the heart, and continuously igniting the fire of the truths that are like bombs ready to detonate in front of us anytime.
the movie kept me glued to my seat, with fists clenched, teeth clashed, and breath on hold because of the incessant pounding of my chest. thanks to the solid imagery and the raw elements of gore and violence.

kudos to the production staff and the director’s talent in arranging the elements of suspense, drama, excitement, passion and choices in an engaging way that allows the audience to experience the dangers and the life inside the labyrinth of war that often seems distant but is actually around us.

if you want a different kind of an explosive movie, watch the hurt locker. this movie best shows the deadly explosions of silence.


wanderingcommuter said...

not a fan of action films. but this is very interesting...

lucas said...

another explosive movie! wohooo! san mo nakukuha mga movies mo??? downloads?

bulitas said...

@wanderingcommuter: yeah, you should try war films sometime. astig. try mo din yung wind talkers ninicholas cage. ayus yun.

@lucas: :p

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