stinging blisters and scarlet blood marks appear around his lips whenever his soul detects the looming presence of the firelion of his heart. it’s as if the dormant volcanoes under the epidermis of his skin are programmed to erupt whenever they sense the approaching aura of the firelion, forming clouds of memories of the flesh, the heart and the mind.

the marks are not rashes, mind you. one may say that those marks around the circumference of his mouth are signs of the repressed burning affection to the firelion. those could also be the marks of the firelion’s kiss but nobody can really tell.

it could be attributed to his intimate connection with this firelion, but nobody really knows. the firelion owns his heart now.

medical specialists fail to pin the source or the cause of the burns. no technological advancement of the day could surmise the sudden appearance and disappearance of the red marks.

it only occurs before and after his sudden encounters with the firelion whenever the twins of gemini balances on the towering scales of libra.

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lucas said...

i so love the style :) but i'm a little lost. i'm not familiar with firelions...hehehe!

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