arbitrary tragedies

zune has been on “surprise me” mode since monday. surprisingly enough, most random songs that play from the thousands and thousands of collections fit the mood of each minute of the day.

when amy winehouse and charlotte church sings their rendition of michael jackson’s beat it, the player makes a suicide jump from its hook at the sides of my pants pocket to the almost wet street downtown.

godblessthiszune. no scratch whatsoever after the suicide jump. earplugs still play good music to the ears.

the past few days also brought a random playlist of emotions. happy-sad-happy is not a popular pattern anymore.

weather is fuckin unpredictable. one minute the sun will peep then next thing you know, the clouds are raining on you. this erratic weather pattern reminds me of los baños- random people, random challenges, random acquaintances, random reliefs, random friendly advices, random foodfest, random dickery, random lifestyle. it was a life spent mostly in “surprise me mode.”

random sentences come out like smoke from my mouth because of the frothing, the overflowing, and the boiling of emotions. i must find an effective way to vent this out without harming other people. some people are not comfortable with surprises.

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