virgin labfest auditions

*lifted from ms layeta bucoy's blog:

The audition will be extended to accommodate more actors.
New TIME: 2PM - 9PM.

It will be moved to a diffrent venue.
New VENUE: conference room.

Virgin Labfest 5 AUDITION
The director of PAIGAN is looking for actors to play:

PEDRING - Isang magsasaka
TACIO - Dating Katipunero, kaibigan ni Pedring
ASAWA NI FAGEN - Isang Pilipina (preferably somebody who can sing)
DAVID FAGEN - Isang sundalong Afro-American (good in english)(dark skinned)

* preferably all the casts can sing or can at least carry a tune. Wife of fagen who should be good in singing


The fifth Virgin Labfest comes next month, and there will be a cattle call AUDITION on May 23, Saturday, 5-9pm, CCP - MKP (Bulwagang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining)

Be ready to read for the directors. Ed Lacson Jr. is still getting the audition requirements from the directors, and watch out for them in his blog ( ).

Audition na! This year has an exciting repertoire! Info will be available very soon sa

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lucas said...

interesting title :)

hindi pa ako nakakapanood ng play sa CCP...isa lang yata, yung Darna, ages ago...

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