last night i bathe under the flickering memories of the stars of our constellation.
yes, memories.

for the stars of our constellation has long been scattered to the distant galaxies light years away from earth.

memories of our good times under the millions of other constellations at the sky, the memories of our late night japanese food getaways, the memories of our embrace, the memories of our first kiss, the memories of our first fight, the memories of our first dinner, the memories of the night we build our constellation across the vast canvass of the universe, all these i remember vividly as i look upon our stars amidst the millions of flickering other memories.

these memories never fail to paint a smile on my heart for they will always be a part of my being. these memories have taught me to move forward, these memories have guided me to build new constellations.

last night i smiled when i was able to catch your stars. only this time, your stars shine brighter, way brighter than it used to illuminate the sky years ago. you stars are larger, and seem to be hotter.

i saw your stars form a new constellation with other stars . i am happy for you.

it is true, the death of a constellation gives birth to a new one.

i myself have formed my new constellation.

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