sister dance with shiva

anne hathaway’s performance as the prodigal daughter who has been dancing with shiva in and out of rehab for years is haunting. in the movie rachel getting married, kym (anne hathaway) comes back for a weekend vacation to attend her sister rachel’s wedding. in the process, family members suddenly find themselves looking for the missing pieces that could provide answers to the seemingly blank spaces in the puzzle of their lives.

the film’s compelling power can be attributed to its naturalistic, documentary style framed by jenny lumet’s script made solid by the raw, outstanding performances of the cast and was filled with emotions by the ensemble of the soundtrack’s instruments and vocals. it draws you deep into the family, inside their lives, to their dramas, through their fears, into their happiness.

rachel getting married is painful, refreshing and cathartic all at the same time. it is about surviving the dance with shiva and realizing that you need not find and fit all of the pieces of the puzzle together to find answers in life. sometimes, seeing the big picture of life with missing pieces makes it more beautiful.

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