ken park

tatay fucked peaches
dressed her in mom’s wedding gown
peaches fucked her friends

dad wants some muscles
sean wants to do skateboard
dad tries to suck sean

claude eats the mother
mother worries for daughter
claude eats the daughter

tate fights grandparents
he masturbates on tennis
tate kills grandparents

ken park fries hotdogs
ken park’s girlfriend got pregnant
ken park killed himself


Anonymous said...

I say that you know.
Meant it and this we now know.
You know that I know.

wanderingcommuter said...

love this movie probably saw this a couple of years ago. i love the american suburban feeling it brings out to its viewer, boring and slow paced. but before you'll know it, the film will just bite you in the perfect mark!

lucas said...

napaisip ako sa comment ni anonymous..hehe!

the poem is intrsiguing. the movie must be great. :)

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