that gran torino rush

hands down to writer nick schenk for the well written script of gran torino, that even mr clint eastood himself immediately chose the script right after he read it.

"he didn't change a single word," "when i met him just before they were going to shoot, i had three tiny changes i wanted to make, but when i mentioned them to clint, he said, 'i dunno, i kind of like the script just the way it is." –schenk on the la times interview by patrick goldstein

this movie pretty much sums up most of the aspects of life and death. the movie juggles many themes such as racism, history, culture, family, love, friendship, change, hope, transformation and redemption, and it handled everything perfectly to provide a compelling story that left me with a sudden rush of mixed feelings about life.

according to news, gran torino is the writer’s first script that made it into the big screen. now he’s my idol.

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