death of a star

pic of the eat bulaga family in la with francis m that i took last year

the effect of the sudden death of an established well known person blessed with a face that can please the eyes of the general public (i.e. rico yan, fernando poe jr, rudy fernandez, francis magalona) is not really the collective feeling of sympathy or remorse for the family and friends of the dead, but could most probably be fear- that dreaded fear of death.

the death of those prominent personas that have touched the lives of the general public in one way or another serves as a reminder that death is just around the corner- below you, above you, beneath you, 10 minutes far from you, 15 seconds away to catch you or could possibly be in front of your face.

when shock comes as an initial reaction to the general public, it appears as if death is a stranger. but in reality, death has been embedded into our psyche from the time we experience life. death and the sudden death of someone you know become scary when all of a sudden it hits you and throws you into an immediate retrospection, considering your life and how you live it. suddenly, you feel vulnerable, as if death is going to fetch you at any second.

no, this is not a post about death for i am neither death nor life expert. this is about fear, the same fear i felt when somebody really close to me died years ago. but the late francis magalona’s death brought no instant fear to my heart. instead, it inspires me to be a stronger person, to live my life at its fullest and to appreciate and thank all the people, all the important people, all the loving people in my life.

my condolences to the family and friends of francis magalona.

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lucas said...

he was such a great artist.

he will live on through his music echoing in the Filipinos' hearts.

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