my initial 10 minutes of peace at the subway train is interrupted by a group of teens speaking to me in japanese. they must have thought i’m awake when i am actually having a power nap.

years ago, my college history professor scolded me for sleeping at her class when i am actually wide awake, listening to her lecture about how the spanish colonizers branded babaylans (female witch-doctors) and other female subversives as aswangs.

4 stations before my train stop, a korean lady probably in her late forties or fifties, who wears tight black leg warmers, breaks the sanctity of the silence of the early morning trip. she occasionally touches the floor of the train, sways left to right and moves in all directions while speaking and chanting korean. the only words i understand are “charchi” (church) and “jiza karayzi” (jesus christ).

despite the increasing volume of her high pitched voice, the silence of the train car engulfed her presence to triviality. she soon leaves all the other passengers in peace on the next station.

up the subway entrance a huge man together with his blonde son sell ballpoint pens and other school supplies to help support his child’s education.

10 minutes more to work and expect another group of black americans to throw random gibberish chinese words on my face.


dak/james said...

i want to try the diversity of NY. soon...

lucas said...

nasan ka ba? at puro foreigners ang naka-encounter mo that day? hehe!

black americans speaking chinese...that's odd. hehe! :P]


my instincts tell me dragon ball is a mess too. pero minsan kahit alam mo na parang gusto mo pa rin...gets? hahaha!

have a great weekend too, mate.

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