enter the museum via google earth

the madrid museum and the internet search giant today unveil the first use of google's mapping programme to allow art lovers to get so close to their favourite paintings that even the brush strokes are visible.

"it allows people to see the main masterworks in the museum as they never have done before," the museum said. "you can see details that the human eye alone is unable to see."

fourteen of the prado's masterpieces – including works by francisco de goya, diego velázquez and hieronymus bosch

hmm, i wonder if google earth could also do that to the philippines and collaborate with the local and major museums to make art pieces available for the remote public’s view.

the emergence of this kind of technology somehow breaks the common notion about the exclusivity and the bourgeoisie of art. quite a start from the internet company giant to bring art in a level that is a little more accessible to the public.

people wanting to see the masterpieces must have first installed google earth, which can be downloaded from the google website. the pictures can be found in the preview section of the geographic web part of the layers menu of google earth.


Aethen said...

Thanks bulitas. I love your snapshots and your blog. You are cool. Thanks for visiting my blog. :D

Anonymous said...

hehe.. oo nga.. aa pa.. walang budget pilipinas jan..

nga pala I have some tribute to your blog.

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Admin said...

Hello Bulitas/....

Malay mo magawa nila 'yun sa Pinas... Hehe :)

lucas said...

really interesting... wish they could do the same with the louvre and the vatican museums! hehe! dan brown fan talking :)

the spool artist said...

whoa!!! this is great news... i'd probably flip with the sight of a vermeer or a jackson pollack drip painting!

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