return ticket

we met at the passenger seat on the same flight going to neverland. that was when i learned about the story of a noble woman being infused with an hiv infected blood during an operation in their country’s public hospital. it was like experiencing hardcore angina pectoris, depriving you of all the comforts of the business class flight and suddenly diffusing every single ounce of happiness kept in your system.

it was an unforgivable act. on that moment, i felt the urge to launch myself out from the plane and transmute myself into a human superbomb and land on that certain public hospital. i was in rage because on that moment when i learned about the news, my mother flashed into my mind; chained in the hospital bed, knocked down by science, and involuntary taking the blood infected with aids.

i told my seatmate to remain calm, hold back his tears and don’t worry. i’ve already made up my mind. as long as we landed on our destination, i will make an immediate trip back to the home country, and see the hospital myself. i wanted my companion to enjoy the trip to neverland.


wanderingcommuter said...

this definitely moved me... sigh...

its so surreal.

Joaqui said...

This is so sad. :(

How could some hospital be so irresponsible?

bulitas said...

@wanderingcommuter: it is surreal, and sad at the same time.

@jooaqui miguel: it is a philippine public hospital. ampf

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