zoraida sanchez surrenders to her battle with cancer

my mother introduced me to her as a comedienne famous because of her facial features and her unique sense of humor that complements those of whitney tyson, christopher de leon, johnny delgado, jay ilagan, edgar mortiz and al tantay in goin bananas. i did not find her extremely funny, but there were moments when she used to tickle my senses. i’ve seen her in a couple of comedy and drama shows before. yes, drama programs. if my memory serves me right, i have seen ms zoraida sanchez on a television drama program that almost put me into tears.

years back on one of my trips from manila to los baños, i chanced upon seeing her on the bus, seated on the opposite seat of the parallel row, near the window, embracing her own silence amidst the invading noise of the pirated movie played on board, the collective hushing of the repressed chats of the couples, and the mocking cries and laughs of the local snack vendors pointing fingers at her and exclaiming as loud as they can “tignan mo si zoraida oh! si zoraida oh! hahahaha! ganyan pala itsura niya talaga! ampangit!” (look, that’s zoraida! oh that’s how she looks like in person! how ugly! )

i anticipated her to fight back but she remained calm and reserved. since then, she gained more of my respect as a person. i respect those people who show grace under pressure. and i bet that aside from being really smart (as my mother used to tell me), ms zoraida has been a strong person with good heart.

a while ago, i just learned from a plurk contact that ms zoraida, the comedienne died.

The sister of actress Zorayda Sanchez has confirmed that the veteran comedian, writer and actress indeed passed away on Wednesday due to cancer.

According to Diña Sanchez, Zorayda was discharged from the Marikina Valley hospital on Wednesday after doctors said they could no longer do anything to treat her.

i felt sad upon learning this news. i do hope people could see more beyond ms zoraida's physical shell

**news snippet lifted from abs-cbn news


xxxborgexxx said...

Yah. I heard it from a friend.

Joaqui said...

Wow! I am not a fan but I truly respected her.

To put herself out there knowing that it will not be easy showed her confidence in herself.

And for me, confidence always makes the person beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

from what i gathered, zorayda is not just a commedianne, she's also a contributor for the Manila Bulletin, a professor, and a scriptwriter among others. she graduated cum-laude in journalism from UST.

traditionally, beauty was only skin deep; however, sheer elegance, personality, intelligence and humour have enabled women to attain the status of being 'bold and beautiful".

sadly in our culture beauty is everything.

lucas said...

hays... this is the 3rd post about zorayda dying. he died of breast cancer. hays. she's such a patient soul for posing a hard face with all the ugly stuff people throw at her. glad she's at peace now. no one could step on her very person ever again...


i grew up watching her on TV/movies. sad.

wanderingcommuter said...

when i was a kid, madals na panukso namin si zorayda sa mga pinsan at kaibigang babae dahil panigurado iiyakan nila yun kapag tinawag mo sila ng ganun. pero nung lumaki ako at nalaman ko ang mga credentials at nakabasa ako ng mga gawa niya, nagbago lahat ang pananaw ko patungkol sa kanya. tulad mo, nakakabuo ako sa sarili ko ng respeto.
sa pamilya ni zorayda, condolence po.

Mailap said...

zorayda, or tita zo as we call her was a great person we can really look up to.
mabait, smart, and has a good sense of humor.
iniwan nya ang isang anak na babae na tinuruan nya kung pano maging respetadong tao, tunay na kaibigan at mabuting mamamayan.

sa kanyang laban sa cancer, isa lang ang tumatak sa aking isip. hindi mapapantayan ang mga taong natulungan niya at ng kanyang pamilya...

our prayers and deepest gratitude for you, isa kang tunay na haligi ng pelikulang pilipino.

duke said...

nalungkot ako nung nabasa ko sa isang blog ang pagkamatay nya.

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