“but of course, black and white always makes things timeless, a classic.”

she remarks as i praise her black and white photo.

i love it. i really do. there is something mystical in the image. sophisticated. classic. indeed, it can surpass time. all the fashion trends, the fads, the whatnots, everything. black and white pictures can witness and survive the adversities of time without losing its beauty and its spirit.

what if everything in this world is in black and white? can things become timeless then? the memories, the experiences, the emotions, the good ones, the self-gratifying feelings, can they also become timeless if they are in black and white?

black and white.
no gray area. just black and white. binary opposition.

yin and yang.

there is conflict, you say, but there is also harmony.

what about the colors? all the colors are in black. that’s what they say. at least, that’s what i recall from what i’ve learned from school.

and white? just a blank slate? can be. but science proves that white light, when refracted in a prism, yields a wide array of colors. so there are also colors in white.

a black and white world could mean a simpler world.

yes or no.

left and right.

easier, better world? i really don’t know.
say, one day, the world becomes black and white. everything.
in just pure black and white. e v e r y t h i n g.

i bet after some bah-zillion years of tolerance form the timelessness of a black and white world, people will get bored, extract the colors from the black, and harness all the colors they can get from the white. human insatiability. the world be a colorful place again. a myriad of colors will dominate the world, the senses, your perspective, your judgment.

i guess a black and white world is such a far-fetched idea.
the world is not a picture, it is neither timeless nor classic.

but hey, i still love her black and white photo. i really do.


Anonymous said...

mahirap ata ang isang mundo puti at itim lang ang kulay. sa isang kanta pa lang binaluktot na ito.

makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay.

Anonymous said...

black and gray>...
natawa ako kasi dun sa last post ko may image dun na nilabelan ko ng b&w e mukha xang gray... ^_^

superboi said...

so si star wars character pala ang kausap mo niyan hano? hahahah :))

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