only minutes after i closed my eyes to sleep i immediately feel the numbing stares of the pairs of eyes before me. the piercing, blinding bulbs colored in green, blue and brown belonged to girls that wear -tabula rasa on their faces masked with thick layers of white make-up. most of the time i can only notice movement from their eyes, scanning me as if their eyes were equipped with infrared and laser technology that can strip my soul from my body.

the girls are clad in minimal and tight clothing similar to the girls of the cabaret. i imagine one of them as scarlett johannson mainly because of her blonde hair, but other than that, she looks the same as the two. all of them pose like mannequins from an art museum. bodies contorted in such fashion that they appear more creepy than artistic. the girls look like cross breeds between the geisha and the harajuku girl.

each of their heads is slightly bent in a unique angle that made each of them look like they are looking at a particular place of my body. as i wonder at the mystery of their sudden presence in front of me, i realize that my eyes are the only parts of my body that can move. my eyes are the only parts that can establish contact with them over the thin layer of fiberglass that separates me from them.

at one second i thought i saw a glimpse of despair from the pair of green eyes that would always try to evade mine whenever i try to connect. the blue eyes are the same as the green one, evasive from my sight, but piercing to the body. the brown eyes, on the other hand, chase my eyes like a tail to the body of a mouse. it will never stop until it hooks up with mine, and when it does, it sends a bright glare that makes me see myself, numb, immobile, eyes fixed on the glass, with right arm about to reach forward, mouth half open.

when i blink my eyes to recover from the glare, i see myself back in the red bus, sitting near the window, and about to get off the next stop.

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Anonymous said...

Hey hey parekoi!

I know this is unrelated from your post - this is more of an announcement, actually.

Coy and some of UP bloggers organized a project to commemorate the 100 years of the UP institution by making a video. Yeah.

And we need pictures.

:D Hope you can participate. IKAW PA, dami mong pics ng LB. :d

For more details, check my post:

Ayun! :) Salamaaat tsong. Kapag nag-send ka, libre painom sa Drew's. HAHAHAHA

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