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the moment i heard about jericho rosales and heart evangelista’s break-up on tv, a certain kind of joy possessed my heart. that’s the kind of plain, simple unadulterated joy that can make any gloomy day all sunshiny and bright.

it felt as if my feelings of admiration for her during thr g-mik days have been revived. maybe i still have a crush on her.

after her teeny-bopper days have long been buried to oblivion, her transformation of roles from being a biatch to being a bimbo to being a damsel in distress and finally to being jericho rosales’ partner gradually decreased my heart’s gusto for her.

but after hearing the news on tv, my heart experienced happiness. excuse me sir jericho and to all the solid jericho-heart fans out there, i don’t have the slightest intention of lording over the heart of ms heart. i just felt happiness. maybe it is happy to go back to the teenybopper days once in a while.


last thursday i received an email saying that i got myself voucher passes for the upcoming week’s american idol taping. the message says that the voucher is a free pass but does not guarantee the owner’s entrance, therefore the person must arrive early at the venue. all the seats at the studio were occupied and reserved for special people, which means that if ever i decide to walk in the studio, i will be standing for hours with all the screaming and yelling fans of the remaining idol contestants.

the dilemma is that the taping will be on tuesday, at around 1:30 pm but it is also a work-day. i am not sure if compromising work for an idol taping would be worth my time.

there is a disclaimer written on the voucher saying that you can only use the voucher on the specific date, and that there is no guarantee that you can get yourself a voucher pass in the future due to the show’s popularity and demand. so, if ever i decided to pass on this one and choose to apply for another voucher pass in the future, i will definitely miss this season.

i thought of giving my voucher pass to my sister and to my cousins but then it will be futile for it is named after me. they cannot enter the gates unless i come with them and then exit afterwards should i decide to come to work.

i am not a hardcore ai fan, but you don’t get to watch the idol performances live everyday eh? and besides, it will be the game of the top 3 competitors. but still, i don’t get paid watching ai. hmm, what do you think i should do?


Anonymous said...

go take advantage of the voucher. that's like a once-in-lifetime experience. though you're not a huge fan, please do watch it so that you can share the experience to your blogfriends. sa philippines may promo nga ang kfc. a lucky winner gets the chance to see the finale. kaso di naman ata ako mananalo dun.hehe

Anonymous said...

so, did you go to the idol thing? ehehe

dak/james said...

me too!

i have a huge crush on her ever since g-mik!

oh gawd... and she's nao on GMA-7... owell... i havent met her tho...

Tinggay said...

I was also happy when I heard that they broke up. Actually, I was ecstatic. They were really boring when they were together.
Heart lost her spark.

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