have you seen sizwe banzi?

i mean, have you read or heard about athol fugard’s play, siszwe bansi is dead?

can you please help me find a copy of the full text of the play?

i remember reading the filipino version of the play, entitled patay na si sizwebansi, translated by lualhati bautista (i think, please correct me if i’m wrong) years ago where i was fascinated by the subtle comedy and wit of its lines and its plot revolving around the theme of identity and memory.

i just wanted to read the english script and see if it will leave me in awe the way the filipino version did.

so if you please, please have a copy, can i have a copy too? please? thanks.

who knows, your generosity might be rewarded.

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Kris Canimo said...

i tried searching for an ebook. naku. mukhang sa amazon na lang tlaga. hahah pero try ko pa rin. hindi kasi ako familiar sa title e. o sa piece eh.

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