to hell with sinners, more sins from the vatican

the last time i felt extremely guilty and sinful was way back 2nd year high school after i’ve finished reading a copy of the catechism of the catholic church and some excerpts from the vatican 2. no, it wasn’t a required reading. i just wanted to sound more rational and intelligent on my religion classes that’s why i bothered to read those materials. and behold! i never felt so sinful in my life since then. it was as if everything you do is a sin and that as if whatever you do to compensate for it is futile.

it felt sick. the fear of the future of my soul and spirit filled me with fear; fear to feel the punishment of hell, fear to commit any more sin that could stain my already rotten soul. it took almost a month before i decided to dump those thoughts of sin away from my memory and live my life like a normal person free from the worries of the metaphysical hell.

and now, lo and behold! the vatican has just released their new list of sins*.

“thou shall not pollute the earth. thou shall beware genetic manipulation. modern times bring with them modern sins. so the vatican has told the faithful that they should be aware of "new" sins such as causing environmental blight”

isn’t there enough listed sin on the church doctrines for the roman catholics? more sin equals more souls in hell!

hello catholic geneticists, biologists, and all of you who cause environmental blight, good luck on your souls.

well, it all boils down to you and your personal recognition and acceptance of your sin. for the pious people, there’s always the sacrament of penance and reconciliation. it’s also up to you if you will allow guilt to dominate your body and soul.


*my religion teacher who happened to look like christ as depicted in pictures said that it’s a fallacy to say sins, since sin is never singular nor plural


Anonymous said...

by the year 2020 they will list blogging as a sin. Thou spendeth too much time blogging and not in church.

bulitas said...

@raymondm: nice one. it is not a far fetched idea though. especially now that the church is seemingly drifting with modernization

jay-p said...

When I was young, I believed everything the Church says, being catholic schooled and raised by most-of-the-time religious parents as well. Then I grew up and read about philosophy and other stuff.

I think the problem with organized religion, they always set standards and not allow an individual think for himself.

aaronjames said...

the new list of modern forms of sin has eliminated a a great percentage of those few who are qualified to enter heaven.

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