thickest, oldest, ice melts

you emerge from the water like an iceberg that has been submerged and frozen in time, deep in the ocean of my subconsciousness; melting, pouring yourself and sailing the vast areas of solid water, embracing your kind, blending with the rest of the seemingly blank layers of ice.

unlike before, you are empty, colder and nothing but melting ice. you can never drown the ocean, the seas and the river with yourself. you are just an ice from the past, and today is your time to blend with the ocean of memories long gone.


"it's like looking at a hollywood set," meier said of an arctic largely covered with younger ice. "it may look ok but if you could see behind you'd see ... it's just empty. and what we're seeing with the ice cover is it's becoming more and more empty underneath the ice cover."


jay-p said...

It's something that we should be alarmed of... We may not really notice its effects right now but someday, we're gonna regret it.

Anonymous said...

onga minsan pag naaalala natin ang mga bagay o tao we used to hold close to our heart malalalaman natin that the feeling is not there anymore and we don't even know exactly when it was gone. matitira na lang footprints nila. the same is true with our fears and the ghosts of our past. after awhile, when we revisit them, they don't scare us anymore. kahit those unbridled passion, the angsts even our foibles...matatawa na lang tayo. time heals if we let it.

galing...iba talaga mag-isip. lenten reflection na ba ito? :D

bulitas said...

@jeeper: hear! hear!

@tagabukid: "they don't scare us anymore. kahit those unbridled passion, the angsts even our foibles...matatawa na lang tayo"

sobrang tama ka jan.

Anonymous said...

Al gore? Statchu?

Anonymous said...

look iceberg! iceberg!

the titanic, the unsinkable one, has been hit by an iceberg

wanderingcommuter said...

napakafreudian naman ng post na ito...

kapag minsan ang mga alaala nila ay nanatili sa ating unconscious dahil hindi natin sila mailabas sa ating conscious state.

its a matter of acceptance. although i know its easier said than done.

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