tuesday rendezvous: my american eyeball

“surprise! you’re in koreatown!”

it was as if the screaming korean characters in the billboards and in the buildings were not enough to tell you that you’ve just entered the anneong- land of los angeles, koreans of all ages and sizes flocked the streets and the train station. i went to coffee bean and tea leaf for refuge while i waited for my date. i just knew her last saturday. she owns a voice that borders on being sexy and being sweet. she sounds exciting, that’s all i knew about her.

as, the 101’s traffic jam delayed her arrival, i filled my system with brewed coffee and 80% dark chocolates. after an hour of waiting and occasional kissing with the coffee cup, i just realized how she easily got me involved to meet up with her. she just sent me an sms yesterday afternoon, asking if we could meet up somewhere. i instantly agreed. she told me not to worry. she said she would pick me up. and so i succumbed to her plan without any clue of who she is or whatever we would do or wherever she would take me; and those make things more stimulating.

after an hour, 44 minutes and 33 seconds, she arrived at the place driving her flaming red sports car. and so she picked me up, had a little chat, fetched her friend, and then off we went to the brass monkey bar.

-the social stigma that people gifted with a great voice do not usually have the looks was challenged by my date. i found out that she was an ilongga. oh now i am not surprised where her soft and sexy voice came from.

-it was worth the effort and the risk to meet-up with a stranger you just known last saturday. she’s a stunner. the natural curves, the mild features of her face, and the liberated spirit that carries made my night.

-nothing beats the videoke experience at the philippines. videoke here is only colorful lyrics flashing on a flat screen with black background; although i do admire the idea of having to sing your favorite karaoke songs in front of an audience.

-the crowd in small places is more intimate. maybe it’s the effect of the emission of the collective warmth of bodies soaked in alcohol, good food and fun.

-sudden ecstatic moments in the limelight lift the spirit of alcohol in your body. the applause and cheers from the audience could evaporate the alcohol from your system. never sing well if you wanted to get drunk.

-next time, choose a better song-list. the songs i sang seemed to have an emo pattern with it. (songs sang in order: creep by radiohead, basketcase by greenday, alone by heart, and i can’t make you love me by bonnie raitt)

-corona beer is teh win! but i still miss red horse though.

-always bring a camera with you. high resolution cameras would be better. you’ll never know when you can get paparazzi shots.

-who said i have to experience the maroon 5 in concert to rub elbows with them? mr adam levine and his gang chilled at the same bar last night. fortunately my date had her camera phone handy.

-another picture-picture moment with jonah hill of superbad

-it’s ok to suck at your last song. just make sure that the crowd is noisy enough to cover the flaws of your notes.

-i should have a car asap. the ilongga chick can’t drive me home forever.

- warning. my heart beats for her. i should not fall in love at the wrong moment.

-the quality your sleep never depends on the hour you spend sleeping. i slept at around 2 am, woke up at 5, and i am still raving about last night.

now i love koreatown. in some degree, it makes me feel like i belong. haha


Anonymous said...

except for the comment box, this almost had me fooled as a WordPress blog :-P I dunno how I missed it, but great work on the usability. apir!

Anonymous said...


desiderius said...

haha. masarap talaga magvideoke. ngapala, let me know just in case you have bumped into any American Idol (past or present)naman.haha

Kiro said...

yea man... kareoke here way too crappy... (I think...) I've never been kareoke-ing in the phils. and plus Corona is teh shit...with lemon... thats the only thing I drink plus smirnoff coolers :p
jeeez where the hell do you see them gurls? and yea get a car dude so you can pick me up HAHAHAHA... I need a car too + license... I will get it soon though.

Anonymous said...

Seems exciting. Must be. Hehehe!

I was told that karaokes here are nicer.

bulitas said...

@jvillafranca: salamats sir!

@sheena: aja!

@desiderius: sure. sure. i'll kip u posted bout that

@kiro: corona is teh win talaga! haha! bumili ka na ng kotse mo!

@jeeper: walang tatalo sakaraokeng pinas!

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