is it just me or it's really emily strange that does the hush sign on the logo of the anito lodge in the philippines?

the image of the girl wearing that jet black hair with the mysterious hush gesture has graced the eyes and tickled the curiosity of many people in the philippines since the emergence of the anito lodge.
the logo first caught my attention back in the days when my father would drag me with his journeys to the webbed streets of manila. i noticed back then the prominence of the sign, since would always greet me in the most unexpected places of the metro.

the logo was plain and simple. it effectively communicates its message across its potential consumers and gazers- “shh. you secret’s safe with me.” well, that’s the message i got 8 years ago.

lately, as i browsed over some pages of my network in multiply, i saw the familiar logo of anito. it’s still the same goth girl doing the hush sign, only that time, i saw her as a different persona, or rather, i saw in her a different persona. blah. the girl at the anito logo looks like emily strange! what do you think? the hush sign could have been "shh. i am emily strange used as a lodge/motel logo. hihi"

some images lifted here

okay, help me people. is the logo from anito or victoria court? am confused. hehe.
should you happen yo know where the emily strange like logo haunts, please do tell me for the benefit of the world. thanks a lot!
feb 5, 08 update (pacific time +8)

i'm sorry. my bad. it's victoria's court, not anito lodge who used the emily-like image as their logo.


Anonymous said...

If you try isolating amily strange from the equation, it seems very sexy.

Talamasca said...

Hahaha! The resemblance is uncanny, alright. That thought didn't occur to me before, y'know. You've got mad sleuth skills, yo! ;-p

Anonymous said...

hindi ba victoria court?

yung emblem ko
inspired ni victoria

bulitas said...

@jeeper: yeah. sexy talaga. kaya nga ginawang logo ng hotel/motel/lodge. hehe

@talamasca: haha. maybe it's really emily strange after all. kasi pinanganak si emily strange 1991. ewan ko alng si shh girl.

@xienahgirl: wah.ewan.haha. nalilito na'ko.

dak/james said...

it's victoria court. the anito logo's an apple, red apple that is. hahaha...

bulitas said...

@dak: thanks sir for correcting me. hehe.

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