do you?

i think the more appropriate question to ask these days is

"what is your problem?"

rather than asking

"do you have a problem?"

well, this is just based on my assumption that (almost) everyone in this planet do have a problem.

some people might coat their problems with euphemisms, by calling them trials, tests, etc, but in essence, they are still problems. it's how you view your problems that makes a difference.


Anonymous said...

methinks, You should add: "Are you doing something about your problem?"

Hehehe. Lucky is he who has no problems, if there is.

Iwi finds said...

hehehe! dito uso yan.. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? JESUS!" OR "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? IDIOT!" lol!

rsdkopeecag said...

hey. bago lkayout ah. hehe.

:D problems. arrgh.

bulitas said...

@jeeper: many there are who pretends they have no problems

@melai: talaga? lols

@inghinyero: iknow. =)

b3ll3 said...

problema ang nagbibigay buhay sa buhay! hehe

bulitas said...

@bunso: siyang tunay!

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