last night i had a vision. it was one of those visions that i could clearly recall after my recovery from drowning over the purgatory of dream and nightmare. no. it was nothing like one of those apocalyptic visions i had before. it was more disturbing, postmodern, and devastating to the health of the mind.

i saw britney spears and paris hilton making out in a steamy parking lot. yes. they were engaged in a tongue fight; a tongue fight so intense that the strands of their blonde crowns as the queens of controversy and fame were tangled in knots as an accent to their unison. their sweat swims in the undulating waves of their bodies as one breathes the breath of the other. the valleys of their chest bang each other as if rocked by a high intensity tremor.

it was steamy. don’t ask me for details. it was disturbing; the copulation of the material girls, the consummation of two negative forces, the end of the world. it must be a sign. who knows. this blog entry might prevent that to happen in the future.

and oh, britney would tell paris “i love you baby” whenever she found the chance.

now pardon me if ever you hear me singing this song all week long:
“and oh, my dreams, it's never quite as it seems,
never quite as it seems.”


Anonymous said...

I think the dream is not very far from reality though (I think they can really do that), I think what's so weird about it would be the idea that you're dreaming about them. Hahaha!

Kiks said...

disturbing. totally disturbing.

buti na lang nagising ka...

wanderingcommuter said...

wow, tingin ko kung naging totoo yang panaginip mo. may palagay ako'ng hindi talaga magiging si britney at paris yan. considering the attitude they have. hehehe.
nonetheless, it is indeed a nice post!

Talamasca said...

In the immortal words of Paris Hilton:

That's hot.


Anyhoo, I love!love!love! your blog's new "plastic surgery." Not as crowded and uber-black as before. Guh-reat job. Kbabai.

wanderingcommuter said...

just heard britney was sent to the hospital. i wonder if paris has something to do about it. nyahaha

bulitas said...

@heeper: ahaha. ewan. katapusan na ata ng mundo pare! hahha!paris and britney! yeah! gimme moar! moar!

@kiks: haha. oonga. pero natawa ako paggising ko

@wanderingcommuter: thanks for dropping by. ewan ko sa kanila. bahala sila! haha

@talamasca: is the doomsday! haha

"not as uber black as before!" hahaha. thanks talamasca! apir!
my blog missed you u know?! lols

Jaja said...

buti nagising ka pa no?if i had that nightmare, it'd be difficult to bring me back family would sue britney and lohan for murder!

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