my man

now i think i am at the right age and at the right time to share with you my relationship with this person that i have been keeping deep in the abyss of my consciousness.

he is the type of person you’ll hate to love, for he will be an enigma to you. his unpredictable nature would keep you wondering what’s running on his mind, and what’s pumping on his heart. he is a living proof that even opposite signs like cancer and gemini can be compatible, at times, with each other.

we rarely fight. he would always confront me with my social drinking patterns and my post-teen activities, but i rarely fight back; not directly that is. i am confrontational with most of the matters i face in my life, but not with him. he seemed to suck out the soul of the tiger in me.

his presence makes my heart gallop a notch higher, making me release an army of sweat beads from my skin. his voice sends waves of shivering sensation in my system as it lingers to the walls of my memory. he is the kind of being that would leave a part of him with you whenever you go.

he constantly cooks to keep me from hunger, he constantly calls to take me away from boredom and he constantly talks to remind me of my duties to him, to my family, and to the people. he likes to talk, and when he does, he wants me to engage myself with him else he gets pissed. though he wouldn’t admit it, he is possessive. he gets mad if i get out a lot with girls. he gets madder if i engage in a happy session with my guy friends. i know he just wanted the best for my interest, but he should learn to show it in a more compassionate way.

i broke away from him several times. maybe because of my rebellious side, but i like to think of it as breaking away from the shackles of his rules and regulations. i moved out, tried new environments, but i would still end up knocking on his door. the charm of his sporadic expressions of affection would magnet you back to his arms despite his faults.

hearing that he is right creates music to his ears. his infallible principles are his tools in capturing anybody’s heart. he is everybody’s man. i don’t really bother. i am anybody’s guy. i like it when he confides to me his weaknesses. those are rare moments when he puts down his armor of an ego and admits that he is an imperfect being, susceptible to pain and faults.

he is one of the most influential persons in my life. the universe knows my gratitude for having him. he protects me, he serves me, he cares for me, and he fights for me. he is a soldier.
he is married to my mom.


Anonymous said...

can i marry him too?


what do we have here?
a papa's boy?

thats one great dad
you have there

magpakabait ka

Iwi finds said...

nasabi mo na ba sa kanya yan pre? :)

L.A said...

Nice! Kamusta na pala si Father dyan? Ayos new theme K2 ba to? Cognito Ergo Sum! ;P

zeus-zord said...

nice dude

its nice you admire some being who gave you life,

it is also brave of you na sinabi m to sa buong mundo


idol talaga kita


anyway, dude, nice blog layout....

bulitas said...

@xienah: papa's boy? nah. lols

@unknownparticle: err. di pa. haha. sana ganoon kadali.

@l.a: ayos naman. hehe. yeah k2 nga ata ito. ad astra per aspera!

@zeus: apir!

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