getting a plane ticket to japan and then flying to bangkok the next day, jumping to cambodia, then touring the middle east for a week, then going to europe for a cruise, then finally arriving to the soil of mexico to drive your way to tijuana, then staying in a local hotel meters away from the us border to chat with your friend from the border patrol then throwing away your clothes to prepare your leap to the towering fence that separates the land of mexico and america, and then running and jumping with all your strength after you saw the third flicker of the headlights of your friend’s pick-up truck, and then falling on your first climb but pursuing your run as your adrenaline pushes you up before the border police could catch a glimpse of your flesh, then jumping with all your might in an inviting hole that you see in the fence, then falling straight at the back of the truck, bumping your head a little, seeing almost nothing but hearing the war among the tires, the rocks, and the road for fifteen minutes, then finding yourself inside your friend’s garage, giving him 300 bucks for saving your ass, running away from the house as fast as you can, hiring a cab to san diego, then boarding a bus to pennsylvania, finding your way across the street, assuming various identities of the philippine showbiz industry, meeting your brother, staying at his condo unit for a while, then flying to new york, then witnessing a crime, then testifing at court, receiving hundreds of death threats, winning the case, receiving state recognition, award and prize money, being granted with amnesty, getting your green card, receiving service offers from the police force, the military and the government, then being the boss of your bosses in the philippines, then having a weekly travel from the east coast to west coast by driving without any license at all, then finally settling to the south western coast of the land


sliding your way down a steep mountain as a an amateur snow boarder, evading trees, skaters, boarders and electric posts, and finding your best balance, then in a split-second a kid comes right in your way, then both of you roll down the ice and you find yourself lying on the snow, trying to feel the biting flakes on your face


throwing yourself in a sea of mad like-a-virgins whose egos are bruised by the sharp edges of your tongue


biting an apple that could either poison you or bring you to the renaissance of your life.

that is the year in summary.

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