ad astra per aspera

i think the biting cold of this year’s christmas would be the only thing that could probably give me a hug. as an overseas worker i have to bear in mind the opportunity cost of earning better money for your family- sacrificing your comfort zones, not seeing your family and your friends, denying yourself of the simple pleasures of life, and toning down your ego.

although sacrificing one christmas for the anticipation of a better christmas in the future could comfort your thoughts for a while, a stream of thought can strike anytime that tells you how it may not be worth the risk. you can never tell when will be the last christmas that you can spend together with your family.
i guess the competition between our priorities and our needs will never cease until we get contented and settled.

for now, i just have to bear with the fact that i have to do work during the holidays to earn money for my future. at least now i can say that i don’t owe my savings from any material girl or from anybody.

merry christmas to me.


zeus-zord said...

hey dude. forget about that "material girl" issue. it not anymore worth your time.

you have admitted your fault, asked for pardon and so many things

just enjoy Christmas even if you are lacking so many things now.



MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family

silangan said...

merry christmas, irvin!

-sarahloka ;)

aaronjames said...

my good friend, it's hard but contentment has never really been a part of a day to day living. wanting something always push us to keep going. it serves as the fire. and it's sad that we always have to sacrifice our comfort zones just to provide something to the people we love. pero wag na malungkot. dito pa rin naman kami na mga kaibigan mo. naiintindihan ka namin. lalo ng ng mga panganay. cheer up. dapat masaya lagi.

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