twenty one days after my twenty first year of existence on earth, i woke up twenty one times richer. as new sets of cells dominate my physical body, it slowly dawned to me how fortunate i am to be three times richer in dreams, hopes and friends as compared way back when i was seven.

seeing the planetary alignment, witnessing a couple of eclipses, enjoying the blue moon, experiencing the bliss of flight, winning a couple of awards, being caught in depression, fear and anxiety, flunking a subject, acing a major academic paper, getting a job, riding on the unstable raft of the relationship called love, gaining and losing friends and acquaintances, and trying to experience every bit of being a human is really nothing in a span of twenty-one years.

i remembered how my former university professor would always remind me: “you have not yet made any mark on the history of this planet. you are just a speck of dust at the universe.”

true. i am nothing but a single being struggling for survival in almost all the aspects and areas built by the human civilization. i am nobody to those who do not really know me but my twenty-one years of experience has taught me to be a somebody, to be twenty-one times stronger, to be someone who could leave a mark in the history of the world. thanks to all the people who have been a part of my life since i first breathe oxygen from this planet. to all of you (family, friends, high school and college friends, blog mates, officemates, neighbors, acquaintances, professors, room mates) who have made my life meaningful, thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, irvin.

good lord am so morbid pero there is another way to look at birthdays. it is a reminder that you are one year near your death. so we better get going and get some freakin life. thanks for visiting my blog kahit naglayas na ako sa blogge. lilink kita dito sa xanga ;)

ice said...

happy birthday po.

of course you've already made a mark on the planet's history..
registered ka sa NSO?

Talamasca said...

That every-7-years-your-cells-change tenet actually kinda holds some truth, y'know. 'twas the topic of discussion in a bio subject back in college, and boy, was I impressed by the scientific bases. But I digress...

Ooooh! You just celebrated the day you came out of your mom's vagina! Happy 21st birthday!!!11!!111

Oh, and love, love, love the artwork. Guh-reat job! Kbai.

Billycoy said...

hay naku... sa mga di nakakaalam... matagal ng tapos ang birthday niya!

21 i think is the best age sa lahat, kasi after the early 20's say hello to quarterlife crisis. malalaman mo yan later on kung ano yun.

bulitas said...

@ sarah: thanks for dropping by. =) buti nga tumatanggap ng comments ang xanga mo from anonymous visitors.

@alleicarg: thanks. haha. di pa'ko registered. wahaha!

@ talamasca: yeah. taht every-7-years cells cvhange is really amazing! thanks for dropping bye! apir!

bulitas said...

@ allan: nyemas. gudlak sa quarterlife crisis diba?

Anonymous said...

we tackled that 7-year cell changing topic before i graduated last april, and my professor said indeed our cells change every 7 years FOR normal person. i mean, a person who do not have any severe disease, or a person who do not have mental disorders. Well I guess you, as well as I am, haha, are normal.

hane a nice day.

zeus-zord said...

means you that old


getting older each minute

and does our existence justify our being?


i think those people also would like to thank your existence

bulitas said...

@ netherchild: congrats to us. we are normal beings.

@ zeus: basta i am thankful to every people taht i have encountered in my life. =)

Mike said...

Ha...ppy na, birthday pa! Haha.

O, kumusta naman ang pagiging...bold star? kumikitang kabuhayan ba?

L.A said...

21...this is the time..mag coclose na ang iyong Epiphyseal plate..and when thats happens...alam mo na yun...nasabi ko na yan eh..haha

Belated HB Ulet!
Apir! Txt2x ^^v

Anonymous said...

whew. that was fast. :P

at least you still have some cakes to blow. eh nung birthday ko nga ni isa... wala eh.

saaaaaad :(


bulitas said...

@ mike: medyo madalang ang kita. maulan kasi. slippery when wet daw.

@ LA: apir! haha. wala! walang magsasarang plate!

@ moses: ang emo mo! haha!

jay-p said...

I admire your ability to be so happy and optimistic, I think it's a good trait. More years ahead of you!

I do think that each one of us is making a difference in the world, no matter how small it is... we breathe, we die but we are still part of the ecosystem, arent we?

none said...

bileyted hapi bertdei, idol! :D

sherma said...

belated happy birthday po! wow! debutante?! =) i hope you enjoyed your day... =)

Bullfrog said...

ow. 'twas your bday...

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