dear parents

if you want to keep your children from lying to you, hear them when they tell you the truth.
please do make them feel that you believe them when they explain and tell you what they claimed to be the "truth."
please be sensitive enough to know when they are sincere in telling you their stories. do trust them when they say they will not do anything stupid.
you can tell it in their eyes if they lie.


mgaputonimimi said...

awww.. grabe. sana nababasa ng lahat ng parents toh.. ewan ko ba bat may ibang parents na di naniniwala sa anak? at di nila alam kung kelan nagsisinungaling ang mga ito..

bulitas said...

hi mimi! yeah. sana di sila gaun ka-busy para alaminang mga concerns ng kani-kanilang mga anak. =)

anyways, thanks for dropping by

Thysz said...

hay naku... parents can be very "imbalanced" at times. But I've learned to accept that they too are people who might understand a lot or a little. Sometimes, a little more than strangers when it comes to the matters of their own offspring.

Anonymous said...

I used to tell my mom that I was once abducted by Marsians but she never believed me... huhuhu :-)

You'll be a good parent someday!

Anonymous said...

this is such an honest post.

i myself don't get my parents. tss.

Anonymous said...

i hated my parents for a long time, but that doesn't change the fact that I love them still no matter what evil they did.. :p

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