we may not notice it, but since the first moment we became aware of the existence of time in our lives, we were already pulled inside its whirlpool of erratic and non-linear realm. this time realm is so powerful it affects and molds the way we live our lives and the way we built our civilizations.

our ancestors may have noticed the power and influence of time in their lives so they devised plans and theories to control it. no wonder the clocks and calendars were invented. the concept of the past, the present and the future were introduced to the world to set time boundaries. since then, everything that happened yesterday, will just be a part of the past and can never be altered. all that lies ahead are part of the future, and can change anytime.

the human frustration of breaking the complicated strands of time is evident in literature, television, media and the arts. who could have thought of breaking the space and time continuum by creating a time machine, if not for the wildest desires of our subconscious to deconstruct the conventional linear time frame of the past, the present and the future.

as many people in the world sings “if only i could turn back time…” with lene grawford nystrøm of the late 90’s band aqua, and as more people wanted to possess hiro nakamura’s power, my partner and i were having time issues of our own. our geographic and age disparity plays important roles in the budding pandemonium of our relationship. she studies in los baños, i work in quezon city.

my girl’s wish to be born two years earlier would often spark arguments from both our sides. she would point out the what-could-have-beens in our relationship if only our paths have crossed 2 years earlier in the gregorian calendar. my sporadic visits at los baños have become an issue to us, granted that we only have a few minutes or an hour to spare together. she was busy with the student council and her academics. she happened to have classes whenever i have the chance of visiting her, and i happened to be busy at work during those days when her schedule was free. fate has its ways of testing the potency of our relationship. i am very certain that time plays a big role in our trials.

i am optimistic that man could someday find ways to deconstruct and recreate time and space continuum; but as of now, when time appeared to be an irrevocable factor in the development of my life, i say that i stop worrying too much about managing time. we cannot really manage time. what we should do is to manage ourselves and make the most of the time that we have.

an hour, a minute or a second does not really matter if you spend it the way you like it.
an hour of kiss can have no difference from a minute of kiss, if the same amount of passion is present.
any moment spent without regrets and with self gratification is a moment that breaks away from the chains of the linear concept of time.


Mike said...

that is the main reason why i broke up with my girlfriend. she just can't seem to understand. now i resolve to look for someone who's from UP. unfortunately, i hooked someone from...wag na lang. others might get hysterical if i mention the name. hahaha.

bulitas said...

haha. u go mention it!
nobody could kill u here. =)

Billycoy said...

oi mike sino yan? hindi ako maghi-hysterical, pramiss!!! ipagkakalat ko lang!

Anonymous said...

Yes, all else want to change their past. But to think of it, we can't be who we are now because of what happened before.

The past is made for us to learn in the present so we can prepare for the future.

zeus-zord said...

absence makes the heart grow fonder

but too much might make you tire of it

i know you still have the guts to go on

hold on

that's important

isn't it?

Kiro said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh... yea...
thats the same reason why I am a bit hesitant to take my "relationship" with this girl. I know both of us are gonna be hectic and busy and won't have that much time for each other. On some parts I feel like its okay... more freedom and I don't want to be choked for being together all the time. LOL...

Anonymous said...


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