where is mother?

“where is your mother?...everybody must have one.”
-nana ubing, from nicholas pichay’s almanac for a revolution, act 3 scene 2

mother left when you were one.

she fed and gave milk to other children in exchange for vitamins and drugs for your lung treatment.

she loved to cook us noodles minus the seasoning.
you would know when she was in good mood if she bake cassava and pudding cakes in the afternoon.

she did cross stitching and weaving as a hobby.
you would know if she was full of hope when she finishes a centerpiece in one seating.

she read dinosaur and alphabet books with you.
you would know if she was calm when she taught you pronunciation of words with seldom glance at her wristwatch for time.

she smiled every once in a while to relieve tension.
you could tell it was from the heart when all the wrinkles on her face disappeared as her facial muscles stretched to express her happiness.

“…you are my only hope.”
-nana ubing, from nicholas pichay’s almanac for a revolution, act one scene 3

mother returns home once every year for 18 years.

she brings home syringe sets, gloves and gloves instead of robots and toy cars.

you should consider her efforts and appreciate the pack of m&ms and kisses laid on the table.

she cooks instant meals without salt.

you should not speak to her after her quarrel with your father; you should hug her instead.

she reads and audits her financial transactions every evening.

you should reduce your expenses and prepare yourself for a tight budget; dare not ask her about it.

she weaves thoughts of paranoia, jealousy and depression every afternoon.
you should serve watermelon, ripe mangoes, and avocado (her favorites) to her.

she forces a smile whenever father cracks a joke.

you should join her smile with your laughter in the air.

“and i am like your mother worried about you. but i am not worried about you. i am worried about the future. about what will happen to you.”
-nana ubing, from nicholas pichay’s almanac for a revolution, act 1 scene 6

mother will pack her bags after a month of vacation.

she will cook and bake your favorite meals served with fresh fruit juice.

she will show you her suicide attempt letter and tear it in front of you.

she will hug you and kiss you and tell you how proud she is of you.

she will tell you to calm down and not to worry about your budget for she will help you until you were stable enough to put up your own business.

she will leave a mark of her smile painted on every corner of your house.

she will be giving milk and medicine to other people in exchange for your laser eye treatment.

she will receive a thank you note from you that will make her sob for a while because of happiness.

she will hope to return home and never leave you and your family again.

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Ken said...

Your mom deserves much love, not only this Mother's Day but everyday.

Sprechtrel said...

That was touching...

leia said...

This reminds me of Smokey Mountain's song "Mama" - ever heard of it?

Doubting Thomas said...

that is so cute.

the pic however is scary...

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