everybody wants to rule the world

the rain and the thunder mocked me as i blog while having an overtime in the office.
stranded with my pending projects with the not-so-famous hotdog brand,
i broke away from my radiation bath and focused my sight to the marathon of
raindrops running across the office walls like the male and female human species
racing and overtaking each other for a ride at the express train of life.

as the mud lying on the road pulled my shoes, i was reminded of people dragging each other down
for power.


acting on your best behaviour
turn your back on mother nature
everybody wants to rule the world
-tears for fears


Virginia said...

ang cute cute!

Ken said...

Wah. B1. Hahaha.

Billycoy said...

matangkad ka naman pala nung bata ka...

ay cap lang pala!

Thysz said...

Busy bees! that's what they're called. There's more to the corporate life Bulitas! Enjoy!

aaronjames said...

bata pa lang pala makikilala na na si Irvin. nilagyan pa ng balbas. haha. di tuloy mapapagkaila. haha

Mike said...

iniisip ko kung gaano ka katangkad niyan..

i have to turn the offer down for the hosting stint because of a (darn) family trip somewhere in this continent.. aaargh. kainis talaga. baka meron pa, recommend mo ulit ako, hehe..

leia said...

irvin, ikaw ba to? hahaha =p laugh trip, ang cute.

& said...

nakakagago yung comment ni billy.

pero at least matangkad ka diyan sa pic mo =))

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