last monday mourning greeting

“hindi ka laude? sayang lang ang pag-uwi ko.”

(you are not a cum laude graduate? my trip was just a waste)

that was the most emotionally felt greeting he received from his mother after several years of fetching her from the airport.

the words were powerful enough to pierce and open his happiness-coated heart that opened the doors to his own season of lent.

the impact hit him harder than the carousel slaps of the flashbacks of what-could- have-been-but-nots in college.

the greeting even surpassed his disappointments when his atm card was captured by the atm machine and when he learned that his mother bought his sister a new phone.

it was as if the words cum laude were the sole measure of his worth as a student.

true enough, numerical grades and academic recognitions could be the only tools for an overseas working mother to gauge the academic performance of her child. all the leadership achievements and the extra-curricular activities were often placed behind the background. the various factors affecting the academic performance of the student were often taken for granted.

little did his mother know that the only privilege of suma/magna/cum laude graduates from the rest of the students during graduation was the seat provided to them by the university administrators.

pre grad post

let me share with you the consequences of having the privilege of a free graduation picture package

figure 1: sablay shot. wearing the extra large-sized barong that made me look like a glutton government official

figure 2: reality-tv contest audition reject

figure 3: pose of the soon-to-be corporate slave (not!)


miz tamtam said...

i know how you feel.. but just be flattered that your mother expects you best.

you'll get over it :) and you guys will still have the same relationship even if she thinks that you didn't make it as to her expectation :)

Good luck and God bless :)

Anonymous said...

if I became an honor student this graduation, my mom would surely risk everything (even her job) just to attend my graduation.

:) LOL.

but at least, bulits. she went home for your graduation. hope that she would feel sorry somehow for not being contented upon your graduation.

astig sana yung number 1, kaso nga. napakalaki ng barong mo.

ASTIG YUNG NUMBER 2!!! haha, parang starstruck lolz.

no comment sa number 3.

ikay the dancer said...

aww.. i can feel the pain. ganyan din mom ko. buti nga nung graduation mo lng un narinig sa kanya.. ako tuwing umuuwi ng bahay.. makikinig sa sumbat nia na bkt hindi ako matalino. at bkt puro talent lng meron ako. haha! hindi naman kce ako ung tipo talga ng tao na mahilig sa awards or something. di lang siguro gifted. hehe.

pero.. u'l get over it. :) isipin mo na lng na para sayo talga yan. tsk. :)

and oh.. nice pics. :) eheh.

Billycoy said...

that's painful, even if it was a joke...

but then, at least she's there to witness you as you march the aisle.

hmm... aba, talaga naman may pang-audition pic pa!

Ocnarf said...


At least graduate ka na, though I honestly don't know whether or not that's a good thing from your perspective.

Corgrats Irvin. Ü

Anonymous said...

inabolish kasi
yung special award
sa school.
hindi tuloy ako nakakuha.

400 umabot
ang suma at magna
ng batch namin.

Anonymous said...

That's painful... like, oh, so u'r here only for the laude, huh? I should've made sundo you. go back. Lol.

Grades can be pretentious, especially if garnered by a dork who only spent hours in dorking himself in his own four corners of his room. That's a platypus, not a full-fledged student.

Anonymous said...

palit tayo ng nanay gusto mo? ay huwag na lang, ganon din.:))

sephthedreamer said...

hmmm, i got worried after reading your post. expectations. expectations. expectations.

looking good sa grad pics ah! Ako next year pa. (hopefully)


yayam said...

you're a UP graduate? :) congratz! you look good sa grad pics. :)

Jaja said...

that was harsh...i think!if i was your mother,i would kiss the ground you walk on for graduating.but then,i am not your mother.

anyway,you look hot and young!hehe


bulitas said...

@ miz takumi: thank you. i'm just not sure about my feelings regarding my mother's expectations. =)

@ utakgago: starstruck! yeah! haha!

@ ikay the dancer: =( ayus lang yan. ull gt over it. apir!

@ billycoy: haha. i hope she do attend the graduation rites. wahaha. emo shit!

@ franco: thanks buddy!

@ xienah: andaming awardees! waah!

@ neil: yeah. yer ryt

@ kel: haha

@ joe: yeah. expectations can be really a pain in the ass

@ yayam: yup. a proud iskolar ng bayan! thanks yayam!

@ jaja: haha! thanks for the compliment. haha! ani nga kya if you're my mother? haha

Anonymous said...

ok lang yan. (although, hindi naman talaga okay). at least may ipagmamalaki ka na. graduate ka na. tapos trabaho na. waaaah! buhay!


cge. magpakayaman ka na lang. hehe.

ung sa grad pic. sa pic 2. san ka nakabili o nakahiram nung vest? kailangan ko un! pamporma!!!

ge. kitakita na lang sa tuesday! txttxt

Anonymous said...

TOL model na model ah... parang model ng nevermind....
congrats sa grad mo! pano ba yan... ano na gagawen mo?
basta good luck tol!

Jhed said...

I think nasabi na nilang lahat ang dapat na masabi. [Huh?]

Nice pics ha! You look good. Shet, gusto ko na tuloy grumaduate. It's the only way to redeem myself from my HORRIBLE high school grad pic. Ick.

bulitas said...

@ baylon: haha. sa ukay madaming vests of the similar kind. =)

@ ron: haha. model modelan.
salamats. basta kitakits pagdating mo sa pinas ah!

@ jhed: thanks. =)
ahaha. patingin ng HS grad pics!!! dali! haha!

L.A said...

Ouchhh a little to harsh on that...

Anyway nice pictures...I always love the "sash" thingy sa mga graduation pic ng mga taga-UP.(I really don't know kung anong anme nun yung may alibata character sa Pic1)


Pic 3 - NO comment

Papalit na pala ng link my new domain!!!

Congratulations pala!!!!

Anonymous said...


not about the grad... yung pix actually. hindi ka na mukhang bading..

sabi nga ni iya: you edit better than them.



Thysz said...

Patay! ga graduate ka na pala! haha! saya naman nun! ako next year pa! astig yung pics ibang level! parang starstruck nga yung no.21 haha!

Anonymous said...


congrats! ^___^

pwede na pang audition sa PBB. hahah :P


Anonymous said...

i like the picture in the middle. not too overdone. ^_^ please do visit me sometime! i'd love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

like you, hindi din ako naniniwala na grades and honors matter sa mga capitalists ng mundo na ito. hehe. as long as may skills ka, kahit na walang awards, you get the recognition sa isang lugar na maraming competition.

althoug, ouch pa din. but what the heck.. :)

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