exposures: the post iblog3 entry

iblog 3


the pictures from the slides all flashed their smiles, waved their hellos and showed their beauty to the audience. each image was telling its success story, but in a tone repressed by the nimbus clouds of the general blogging do’s and don’ts, blogging etiquettes and blogging tips.

i cleared my ear from the clutters of dust and dirt to better grasp the photo-blogging success story by mr anton diaz, but clearing my auditory passages did not help that much. my sense of sight, touch and smell all focused on the presentation, but mr diaz’s success story was overpowered by the slides about the technicalities on blogging, which were already discussed on the previous talks by the other speakers.

mr diaz’s encouraging idea of presenting the “good things” of the philippines made me think if that’s his key to success as a photo blogger; but seeing only a slide solely dedicated to photography made me think otherwise.

i raced the early morning traffic filled with smog to catch mr diaz’s photo blogging success story at 9:20 in the morning not knowing that i will be filled with more blogging do’s and don’ts homily.

ironically, mr diaz’s photographs could have said more about using photographs in addressing social issues, about how photographs could effectively reflect the various faces of the society and about how photographs could inspire people to change.

i personally admire mr diaz’s photography. his presentation showed me the smallest spark of inspiration to succeed in photo blogging. i was thankful of that spark, no matter how small it may be, simply because it fuelled my hope that i could be a successful photo blogger someday.

balanced exposure

i remembered how my frozen nerves were defrosted by dean alfar’s inspiring talk about literary writing and blogging. the up college of economics auditorium’s low temperature did not stop mr dean alfar to deliver his presentation about why we should keep a blog and continue blogging. his eloquence as a writer and as a speaker entertained the audience for a while, taking them away from the soporific atmosphere of the auditorium.

another entertaining topic discussed at the iblog3 event was blogging as alternative publishing for comic book creators discussed by mr jonas diego. mr diego presented the topic in such a way that almost every comic book lover at the auditorium would want to make their own comic books and publish it on their blogs.

in fairness to the organizers, the topics included in the iblog3 can cater to most of the audience, despite some technical talks that can best be appreciated by the pro-bloggers.


having lunch with shari, jeff, moses, jhed, aaron,rens, mike, ian, thysz, janin and other bloggers for two days was one of the highlights of my iblog3 experience. meeting my fellow bloggers in flesh and bone was a totally different experience than communicating with them online.

despite the information overload about blog niche, blogging etiquettes, blogging do’s and don’t’s, blogging profit, and professional blogging, the post event night-out with moses, jhed, hener, ian, aaron, mike and billycoy broke the urband legend about bloggers; that bloggers are all a bunch of computer nerds and geeks who lacks social skills.

generally, the event did ok. the topics were interesting, though the organizers could have provided the participants separate venues for separate topics of their interests. doing so could lessen the need for caffeine inside the auditorium. the speakers could also have the opportunity to direct their talk to their audience, which could also encourage better participation.

iblog3 was a proof that the blogging industry in the country was something that should not be taken or granted. the power of the blogger as the master of the communication process should be acknowledged by the prime movers of the country. iblog3 is one of the many reasons why i am a proud pinoy blogger.

i just hope that next time, the participants who signed up online would show up and tell the blogging community that they were human beings, not just some virtual persona.

more iblog3 photos here


Mike said...

As what i've said to a fellow blogger, next time pag iBlog 4 na magdadala na talaga ko ng kutsilyo tsaka maraming kalamansi. That I think is the only way to keep myself awake. I didn't see it coming.

Anonymous said...

tao naman ako ah.. hehe.. blogging is open for all, hindi naman importante kung writer ka o computer geek na puro layout na lang ang inatupag na gawin.. basta kung ano gusto mo sabihin ayos lang.. wala dapat kumontra nun kasi blog mo yun eh.. 'respeto lang!'

bulitas said...

@ mike: i know. an ocean of coffee should be freeflowing during the event.

@ jennifer: hold ur horses. =) tama ka jan. blogging iss for everyone. masyadong malawak ang kalayaan at kapangyarihang saklaw ng blogging, kaya nga marami ang nagtatangkang limitahan ito para magkaroon daw ng "order." ewan. basta habang libre pa at malaya pa tayong magpahayag ng ating mga damdamin at saloobin sa blog, blog lang ng blog!

Janette Toral said...

Thank you for taking time to attend iBlog3. Yes I agree that the coffee was missed. It got lost in our checklist. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

okay, so who's the guy in red? parang ang gwapo.

if not awaken by jhed, i might be sleeping soundly in that air-conditioned auditorium. really, it was boring.

they must hire ten dean alfar's to wake me up and get my attention.

else, i need porn. i don't drink coffee. /sob

Jhed said...

I was there for the podcasting track. Akala ko I will get some tips on how to make a video blog "work".. pero all I got are ways on how to gain profit.

iBlog3 is mostly catered to business-minded people.

Mas marami pa yata akong natutunan nung post-party event e. LOL.

aaronjames said...

blog niche and how to profit through blog naging pinakatheme ng iblog3. tama si jhed. haha. "iblog3 is mostly catered to business minded people" haha. pang-alis ako lang ng aftermath of alcohol yan. pero di sya actually nakakatulong sa akin to stay awake. haha. poor me.

yeah, sana ung mga nagsign-up sana next time punta naman sila. iba din kasi pag in person. iba kausap and para makita naman ng buo ang blogging community. haha

Anonymous said...

buti naman. kala ko kagaya ito nung napagusapan natin last time. alam mo na: "ang malayang mundo ng blogging."

CokskiBlue said...

Sayang kahit taga-UP ako hindi ako nakapuntang Iblog3. Newbie pa lang kasi e. Hehe.

Anyway, hope u check-out my vlogs.

Billycoy said...

buti na lang may zuma dun sa phone ko... i had a blast playing that game!

may inuman session daw sabi ni shari.

bulitas said...

@ jhed: tama ka jan.

@ aaronjames: dapat kasi may disclaimer sa site ng iblog3 na may mga freebies at libreng food para nagsipuntahan cla. haha

@ kel: kahit papano may mga napulot anmn ako dito. haha

@ cokskiblue: punta ka next taym. saw ur vlogs. kewl! haha!

@ billycoy: mukha ngang nag enjoy kang husto sa zuma eh. haha

darn. d ako makakasama sa inuman ni ate shawii. huhu

Doubting Thomas said...

ay goodluck hindi ako maka relate. hehehe.

si jhed at rens lang ang nakikilala ko dun sa pic.

Thysz said...

tama! yun ang kulang, kape! kelangan kunin ang starbucks as sponsor! salamat sa mg ng-attend! kitakits next time!

sherma said...

good luck sa iblog3 na inoorganize nyo... natuwa ako sa picture... parang.. hmmmm... masculados lang, ah! oopps... boyband pala dapat... hehehe...

bulitas said...

@ thysz: yeh! kape! kape! haha!

@ sherma: boyband? wah!

Raein said...

Wah. Ocge na, you didn't have lunch with me na :P Dapat may mention din ako! :(

Haha. Nagfeeling left out :)

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

yeah.. love this style..

Anonymous said...

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