i was about to finish making her campaign teasers when i got her message. i have no issue asking a tarpaulin from the alumni members of the organization for her campaign.
i will do everything to help her out in the elections not just because she is dear to me, but also because i knew that she was more competent and experienced than her opponent. i have sacrificed much to gain your her vote of confidence, so i see no point of doing anything that could make me lose her.
the longer text message you send, the more that your message is prone to the overlapping subtexts and subjectivity over one’s set of ideologies.

virtual discourses (online chats and sms discourses) are not helping a bit in resolving issues that should be discussed personally. it was inevitable on my part to succumb to my failure to put up a decent personal conversation with my girlfriend. the irony hits me hard everyday. we were both communication majors, yet, we could not arrange an open discussion between us.
peace, come take away the mixed guilt and fear from my heart. thanks to the break-up movie, i’ve learned that it’s not about doing things that she loves, but it’s about doing things with the person you love. at least, the stains of guilt of not satisfying my girl’s demands are buffered.
all i want i for her is to be happy (and also healthy) at all times.
as much as possible, i tried to yield over her views, decisions and beliefs; but lately, i have realized that it impedes our growth as individuals in the relationship.
the area of our common ground is slowly tearing away like puzzles that i have to search, pick up and put back together.
the hypnotism of the dreamy ride of our carousel relationship makes me forget about thoughts of letting go of the ride.
everyday, fate is testing the strength of our relationship by pushing us towards the verge of losing, but somehow we chose to hold on. i chose to hold on. i love her.
playing on the background:
say it all
say it right
you either got it
or you don't

-say it right, nelly furtado


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Sana'y maging maayos na kayo.

Anonymous said...

dont lose her.
promise mo yan.

Riker said...

aaahh.. Love's Sonette in the LB stratosphere..

well... hopefully.... All will be well....

L.A said...

Oops problem ahead! Hope it all goes well for you both.


Anonymous said...

never text when you can call. leaps ahead simpler that way

tina said...

hope everything go well with you. :)

bulitas said...

@ JHED: thanks. im trying to fix thinhs up. =)

@xienah: i won't.

@ chino: wah.

@l.a.: love.(sigh)

@eskaparate: i know. but calls are too expenive. wah!

@ tina: thanks tina.

Loverboy said...

take good care of her, promise that and your relationship will get stronger. :)

INIDORO said...

With your rocky relationship, I hope everything would go well. It's not everyday that you find somebody to love (and loves you back).

Anonymous said...

Text messages and e-mail aren't that reliable since it's still subject to interpretations.

Personal conversations are still the best since the true emotion in the message could be deciphered from the tone of voice.

Save yourselves, it's supposed to be the other way around specially this season.

On a more positive note: Don't you think she is planning to surprise you on the 14th?

dReaMS said...

its like you don't know whether to push or pull..
better yet - keep still..

>>as eagles' melancholy goes:
love will keep us alive..

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