zoo interview

zoo keeper: so how’s living with the dog?
tiger: it’s been a survival game. the dog’s in league with time. you chase the dog, you chase time. if you cannot keep up with the pace, you’ll end eating scraps.

zoo keeper: it’s just a few hours away before your encounter with the pig. any plans for the pig’s return?
tiger: i’ve got no concrete plans. i’m just preparing myself for the days to come.

zoo keeper: what were the amazing things you’ve learned about the dog?
tiger: (laughs which sounds more like a growl) i’ve learned that the dog was one of the first animals domesticated by humans. it was also fascinating to know that they reach maturity by six months old. and you know what i envy about dogs? they can see in dimmer light than humans.

zoo keeper: what’s your most memorable day with the dog?
tiger: it’s actually in between night and day. my loved one and i were showered with falling stars under the los baños sky.

zoo keeper: any regrets?
tiger: i’d love to say none, but there were moments that i should have growled and bite, but i allowed the opportunity to pass.

zoo keeper: any wisdom you’ve gained from your experience with the dog?
tiger: be unpredictable.

zoo keeper: what do you like best about being with the dog?
tiger: the dog leads me to new avenues of learning, adventures and friendship. there were so many personas, friends and acquaintances along the way, but the pace was so fast.

zoo keeper: at the end of the day, can you say that you have been at par with the dog’s speed?
tiger: i haven’t. but i have learned so much from our journey. although the dog was quick, he never left me alone in the open. that’s what i like about my journeys with the dog.

zoo keeper: last song for the year?
tiger: (sings) tonight, could i be lost forever to drown my soul in sensory pleasure, sensory pleasure. from natalie imbruglia, beauty and the fire

zoo keeper: what’s your farewell wish for the dog?
tiger: i hope it rains tonight. it’ll help give the dog a clean exit, free from smog, firecracker powders as well as negative energies.

zoo keeper: if you were to describe your relationship with the dog, how was it?
tiger: simply complicated
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days ago, one of the dogs killed an ox, under the impression that the world could have been a better place without it.

happy birthday mom! bless you. this is your year!


Anonymous said...

pareng idol

nice a


what a way to put a self interview into words



pareng idol

kakamiss ung old style of writting mo a, bat ba biglang nagbago istilo mo?

Anonymous said...

@ zord: haha. remember that people are dynamic.
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

HAHA wow weird yung conversation haha! happy new year! right people are dynamic!

Anonymous said...

Saddam being executed and all still gives me a heck of sleepless nights. But hey, he had it coming anyway.

Happy birthday to your mom!

Anonymous said...

nice convo..
the past year indeed happened so quickly..

Happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

Some lines kept me laughing silently. Some just gave me the chills. That was good, bulitas. Really.

Polahola said...

hmm the tiger was you and the dog was your gurl right?!^_^ So who's the zoo keeper? You?... NIce work bulitas!

bulitas said...

@ la:err, yeah, we are all dynamic!

@ tala:thanks!

@ deesee:yeah. it happened so quickly taht i was left with my pile of pending tasks to acomplish.

@ neil:thanks neil.

@ isaiah:my year was the tiger's . 06 was the dog's year. bush was also born under that year.


Anonymous said...

The dragon says: Happy New Year!!

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