understanding the heroes' league

earlier, a friend and i discussed about the unfortunate fate of heroes, superheroes and their league, people who act as if they were heroes in their own context (these are the people who do lots and lots of seemingly incredible tasks and responsibilities), when it comes to their love life.

most of those people never had the usual societal perceived and accepted love life because they were chained by their tons of other responsibilities and commitments.

no matter how most people try to act deviant by bluntly saying that they are not conforming to the norms of an ideal relationship perceived and accepted in the society (which involves the usual ligawan stage, panunuyo, pa-sweet etc.), somewhere deep inside them, they longed for those relationships they see on movies and read on books.

my friend told me that the easiest way to resolve the issue is by making a choice.
it’s not that the heroes and other people in league with this love-relationship dilemma does not have a choice, it’s just that they cannot easily give up their responsibilities.

“if you love someone, you can easily forget the world for him or her ,” a friend remarked.

i disagreed. it may sound good. but it’s not practical. it’s too idealistic.

allow me to speak for the heroes and their league
it is way different if you are involved in a situation and you knew that you can do something and you have done nothing for it. heroes, together with their league of people carrying great responsibilities, cannot easily give up and compromise their tasks and responsibilities for their personal gain. it will be better for them to sacrifice one aspect of their lives in return for the greater good of the majority.

notice the great heroes and people of fact and fiction; they never had a normal relationship as defined by the society. now you know what superman, spiderman, jose rizal, darna, captain barbell and the likes had in common.

with great power come great responsibilities.
with great responsibilities come great opportunity costs.
with great opportunity costs come great decision making.
with great decision making come great things compromised.


Anonymous said...



l lng

so, superheroes

yes, they have lives but thy devote it for the greater good

its facineyting that they can devote they life to that and disregard love

Anonymous said...

it's not easy to be me, blurts out the singer of a certain pop song. ha.


i do believe that one doesn't need to be a superhero to sacrifice this much. i do know a certain person who chooses old responsibilities over personal gratification, or fulfilling what can be called a whimsical desire, and i'm sure you do too.

goes to show that loving, or love, isn't that simple.

Pot Navarro said...

"If you love someone, you can easily forget the world for him or her," a friend remarked.
i disagreed, it may sound good. but it's not practical. it's too idealistic.

Yeap. Think so too.

Anonymous said...

kailangan ko palang magpakabayani kapag umibig ako... kaso malalagay ba ang mukha ko sa pera kung sakali man?

Anonymous said...

Si Santa Claus kaya? He is one of my heroes. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Hummm... so when It comes to love, you have to be a HERO to save all.


Merry Christmas sayo!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were gonna talk about the country's latest hero, Money 'Fuckman' Pacquiao. I was dead wrong. Haha.

But you got me there, bro. Nice.

bulitas said...

@ zord:tnx. but just for clarification, i do not say that heroes disregard love (includes any type of love). it just happened that most of the time, it appeared inevitale to compromise love for the greater good. =)

@ ie:true. very complicated.

@ pot:apir!

@ billycoy:pwede namn.

@ hemie:merryhappychristmasandnewyear to you too!

@ tsina:uhm, not really. when it comes to love, u have to be as brave as the heroes to sacrifice and face the consequences of your compromises towards love.

@ tala:fuckman! haha. nah. enough of him! haha. thanks tala. merry christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

that's the price they have to pay. one has to sacrifice something in order to gain something. equivalent trade. (grabe! na-impluwensiyahan nako ng full metal alchemist)

FYI: kakatapos ko lang panoorin ang buong series sa piratang dvd

responsibilities and relationships are two very different things. one cannot really have both. pwede pero one would compromise one or both. mahirap. magulo. we have choices so we have to set our priorities.

ung friend mo, cguro un ang choice niya. pero tama ka nde praktikal. heroes, as you call them cud have normal relationships if they wish to. (and if they eventually choose it)

bulitas said...

@ arvin well said rhyme buddy!

Jot Abordo said...

i couldnt agree more...very well said..naging superhero ka na ba??

bulitas said...

@ jot:uhm, ewan. haha. ask my social network. haha.

@ silangan:merikrismas din sau1 apir!

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