monthly burger discussions of an activity center standby

the erratic mixture of chatter, screams and footsteps became a lullaby that slowly tempted him to fall asleep. from his seat, he jumped from floor to floor using only his eyes to keep him from what he thought as the spell of slumber.

the smile pasted over x.tian.x.mas tarp slowly curled into a frown as bystanders and passers by ignored it amidst its size. the manang of the fonekard station flirted with the manong of the nearby palamig booth.

pseudo rock stars, pop star wannabes, acting models, socialites, priests, sluts, emos, loners, couples and some of the upper 10% of the society marched with each other, wearing blank faces, to the beats of boom tarat. havaiiannas and havannas creates another melody that fits in the march.

a curry-powder-smelling-person gave up on the spell of slumber and dropped a paper roll from his right hand. a utility person swept the paper, which appeared to be an important document, to the dust pan. his girlfriend arrived from heavy traffic jam.

it takes time to get into an unfamiliar destination-one of his realizations as he and his girl traced ayala's labyrinth streets. the peanut brittle from baguio was perfect to satiate any hungry stomach. the funny thing about the enteng kabisote 3 movie was that the boom and lapel microphones were visible in most of the scenes.

someone who claimed to be an existentialist meets another person who also claimed to be an existentialist and puts the emotionally-attached person out of place. wendy’s biggie was not enough to quench the thirst of a pork star, a porn star and a child star.

realizations for the day: happiness is just a social construct. i am not happy, i am self gratified. education nowadays is not a right of every individual. it is a privilege for the few who can pay for it. equality can never happen in this world and that could make a person sad. and that sadness is also an emotion defined by varying factors such as ideologies and psychological and sociological make-up of that individual in connection to his or her society.



Anonymous said...

"i am not happy. i am self gratified."

Anonymous said...

Your observations are, erh, fun to read! Especially the pork star thingamabob. And where could that activity center be? Somewhere in Makati, perhaps? Hmmmm....

Oh, and, thanks for the b-day greeting! ;-p

Anonymous said...

parang ganito:"malungkot ang buhay ko"...parang ako.

this post is really interesting.

Mike said...

Equality can never, and will never, happen in this planet. Not even that effing social justice advocated by our good, good, politicians. Hello.

By the way, I've already deleted my blog (the Über... thing) for personal reasons. Thanks for linking me up, anyway. You can delete me now from your list. Haha. I'd like to read more from you. I'd still be around to make a comment. Haha. Thanks a lot, dude.


bulitas said...

@ anonymous: uhm, tnx?. =)

@ tala:activity center somewhere. haha. again, hapi birthday!

@ jaja:cheer up jaja. =) apir!

@ mike:yep.yep.yep.equality can never happen. haha.
and oh, your blog's disappearance in the blogosphere saddens me. really. thanks for dropping by. ope ur doin ok.

happy new year everyone!

Anonymous said...

it's weird, pero ganyan din ako mag-isip. only, hindi ko narerecord or natatandaaaan.

keen observer! :P daan.

bulitas said...

@ kevin: d namn natin marerecord lahat. hihi. apir!
happy new year!

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