christmas time

haven’t received any appreciation (in any form and degree) this christmas?
better grab a copy of time magazine this month.

click on the image for the TIME magazine article

an international appreciation for all of us people who shape the emerging age of digital communication is a great gift. at least, our efforts as catalysts of change were appreciated and were recognized by the global community.
the first few hours of my 2006 christmas were spent online with kevin, heneroso, jhed and rob, where we chat about blogs and other people's blogs and how those blogs were connected to each other, and how the lives and writing styles and template styles of those bloggers affect the whole blogoshpere.
after our conversations, i realized that those four bloggers could be the future main cast of the buzz blog.
thank you guys for giving me quite a laugh.
happy birthday nene!
and just to rub in me and to others that christmas is more than just a social construct,
merry christmas to you all!


Anonymous said...

yeah! go bloggers! merry christmas! ive link u on my blog..hope to read more from u!

Mike said...

Aha. Time Magazine. iMac G5 = Steve Jobs. I smell an alliance.

Have a good year ahead of you, dude. I've already linked you up. And still, Merry Christmas. Haha.

Anonymous said...

waw! salamat sa pag advertise! wahihi

bulitas said...

@ l.a: yup! go bloggers!
thanks for the link!

@mike: haha. a conspiracy.
thanks for the link. cheers to u! enjoy the holidays!

bulitas said...

@ heneroso: asus! alam ko namang adik ka sa self-advertisements!
haha. consider it as a gift!

Anonymous said...

Maligayang pasko sa iyo! Tagal ko ding hindi nakapagbasa dito. ;)

Anonymous said...

maligayang pasko din sau!

Anonymous said...

Blogging is cool. Hehehe. Enjoyed the article you shared. It's nice to be in a nice, quaint community. Happy Holidays.

bulitas said...

@ jeeper!
indeed. blogging is super cool!
i guess ill be blogging till i can!

Anonymous said...

nakakatuwa ang time, lahat tayo person of the year! bibili sana ako niyan kahapon sa NBS kaya lang lukot na yung mga nandun!

Unknown said...

Yes, I've read the article too.

My ego is boosted. WE CULTURE THE WORLD. Bwahahaha.


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