zuma's curse

for the whole day i kept thinking about my loss at popo payouli’s temple.
i nearly nailed the sucker down, if not for one false estimate throw of the red colored ball in between the green ones.
it’s pathetic lamenting over my loss.
i know i can always try to conquer the temple by clicking “play again” on the screen.
stupid, pathetic day spent by bathing radiation from the pc.
time rolled as fast as the accelerating balls of zuma.
the dragging feeling of not being able to accomplish things started to fill me in.
i felt guilty of doing nothing to help a desperate friend having dilemmas in reconciling issues with herself. i am not surprised to see suicidal hints on the tracks she left online. if only i knew her location, i could have done something. well, i killed the hours playing with balls.
i should have finished my script and went to laguna to help in the relief operations but i succumbed on solving the virtual puzzle of balls.

my neck suffered from strain and my fingers were stiff.
i still have to summon all the courage i need to play in game shows.
when don’t take no for an answer,
you might just get what you want.
- i forgot where i’ve heard this, but it has became my mantra for days.


dReaMS said...
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dReaMS said...

it's like:
no is not an option, it's a choice..
choice is not a deal, it's an instinct..
instinct comes from within..
instinct sometimes works..

Anonymous said...

eh bro? you've done something great. remember proofreading my work? ;) CHILL! :)

Anonymous said...

to ken: haha. i just placed extra red marks on yer paper.

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