subject failed

how would you react to that?

i was surprised and laughed a bit about the message’s sudden twist. i was expecting another pls pass this rosary to blah blah people in blah blah days or else yada yada yada text, but instead, i got that one. nice and witty.

minutes after i recovered over my laughter-hangover from the funny message, i received an unexpected reply from the most unlikely person to text me, my instructor who flunked 15% of my total grade in one of my subjects.

the text message read: hu’s dis?

i was surprised, really. i was just exploiting globe’s unlimitext service and i will not in any way text someone subscribed to smart unless necessary.. her number was not included in my phone’s distribution list, i was sure of it. or so i thought.
i immediately checked the contacts on my distribution list, and voila! her number’s there.
in an instant, the party of my happy hormones was paused.
my duct tape-plastered n2650 played tricks on me again and randomly added smart numbers on my globe distribution list.
i found myself torn between the dilemma of whether i should reply to her or not.

she has failed many students, so i assumed she may have interpreted the message in another way. what if she found it offensive? would she? if you were to put yourself in her shoes, a mid-20s instructor who has failed several students out of whim (i think), would the funny text message offend you?

blah. i was just bothered for a couple of minutes. i did not give in to the pressing stress. i chose to party with my happy hormones and sent her no reply.


Juice said...

Waaah u sent it to ur proffesor? Naks, don't let her know it's you.. so that she'll think it's just some random forward. She might interpret it in a other way.. :)

Good move!

Anonymous said...

dapat lang sa kanya yun.
makonsensya sana siya.

bulitas said...

to justine:
yeah. missent. if not of the gaddamn phone. haha.

to super xienah:
haha. the angst.
yeah. oh well, i still thought of the incident funny, though sana nga na-offend xa.haha

Anonymous said...

Nyahahahaha! That SMS cracks the hell out of me. Buti naman may mga ganyang klase pa ng text messages. Thank gawd!

And best of luck with that incident. And hope you pass. :-)

krista said...

you know, there was a time i kept miss-sending my messages to my mom to one of my professors. :)

i enjoyed that joke din. :D

wahh... i think my hands and eyes are not in proportion anymore with the rest of my body. school has to start ulit. :D

& said...

you did the right thang, man. :))
and, once - i unintentionally sent a gm to a smart user...

baaad. naubos load ko. :(

ayaan mo na yung professor na yun. you're not that... mysterious para imbistegahan nya!!

mid-20? ganda ba? HAHAHA baka mamaya gurang na yan!!!

Anonymous said...

hello bulitas,

sa kin mo na lang kaya 4wrd yang funny text message na yan...musta na po?

garytarugo said...

haha! tama lang yun! sayang sa load. :P

bulitas said...

to tala: yeah. astig talaga yung sms na yun. hehe. anyways, don't you worry. I'll pass. I won't let that 15% off hinder me from passing that subject.

to xta: yaeh school's up again. hope lb's ok now. wah! 2 more weeks.

to kevin: well, seksi, maganda at maganda ang boses. wahaha.

to basey: sure. am doin gud. =)

to gary: yep. yun din naisip ko. haha.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! okay yung message anu.

ay diba parang nakakahiya yung nagawa mu. haha! :p ay may nangyari ring ganyan sakin dati. tatlo kasi kame nung nagcoconference daw sa text tapos girl thing yung pinaguusapan namen nun. tapus na send ku sa classmate kong lalake!! tapus tapus tama na kwento.

veron said...

haha..ang cute ng message.. :P

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