flakes of rubbles from our decayed ceiling woke me as it dominated my oil moistened face. for an instance, i thought that another natural catastrophe has hit our apartment because i’ve been hearing sounds of tearing and thundering attacks on our roof. when i checked out our window, it dawned to me that it was not the force of nature, but of men. men armed with saw, hammers, and other spiky objects were creating sounds of thunder on our roof. how dare them steal me away from my dreams of resting on a carribean cruise! they have no right to wreak havoc while people were still asleep.

before i could insinuate a mini-war, i suddenly realized that i didn’t pay the house rent for two consecutive months. and so i just ignored them and let them tear or repair our roof as they wish, as long as they don’t dismantle my bed, else, it’ll be the start of wwiii.

a former dorm mate borrowed my copy of gaiman’s smokes and mirrors. he greeted me with criticisms from our recently released community newspaper. yes, i do i understood that he was a former editor-in-chief way back in his high school days, that he may have known journalism by heart, but can he be more rude?
i asked him to meet me at a certain computer shop since kitty the dog, the resident guard of our apartment, frightens him. he saw me updating my blog and remarked that blogs are only for lonely people. he even said “bakit ka pa naggaganyan?” and made it sound as if only losers were the ones blogging. poor him. he used to blog. and to tell you, he was a prolific writer. but since he decided to change route and filed his leave of absence in school to pursue his carreer in love and in the call center, he became a critique, someone who seemed to watch and criticize our every move as if we’re inside a terrarium.
he beamed as he browsed over the pages of the book. he continued throwing remarks at my blog. violent thoughts started to cloud my mind. i don’t think smokes have emerged from my ears, but the moment i shot him an indignant look, he walked out from my sight.

my current counter says i've already received 20000 hits since i don't know when.
thanks to you who who happened to land on this blog. you are the blood that keeps ppumping life on this blog!
i've shifted from a couple of site counters since i've put up this blog but i've decided to settle for this one from bravenet


Anonymous said...

sabi nga ng journalist-friend ko, ang secret daw nya to good writing is: "write, write, write."

You are such a good writer. Paki mo sa kanila.

Anonymous said...

blogging is not for losers... its just for people who aspire to be a good writer ahehehe... well not really... para sa lahat toh!
oh and btw congratz sa 20k hit! waw sikat!

Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbor is fixing their house and I understand how annoying that is. But I guess I gopt used to all the hammering.

I may be one of the lonely people who blog. But note every blogger is, there are angry, spiteful bloggers out there. And there are happy, normal ones. That guy has to be great, I am working in a call center right now and I got lonelier there. Hahaha! 20 000 hits, that's a lot. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

blogging is definetely not for lonely people. In fact, andaming bloggers and nakakatawa, at full of life ang mga kwento. Sure, meron ngang mga emo-bloggers pero small percentage lang sila, the rest has so much more fun things to say. Saka ayos lang mag-emo sa blog kasi blog mo naman yun, diba?

baka siya ang loser?

ah basta, ikaw di ka loser, kasi naka 20000 hits ka na! congrats!

Anonymous said...

i remember the story of the fox who wasn't able to get even a piece of fruit from a grape tree. he go downtown and tell everyone that the fruits were sour. just because he didn't get what he want.

poor man. he's on the negative side! there may be lonely bloggers. it may apply to him. but not to everyone. not all the time.

am guilty of being one of the owners of emo-blog. pero hahamunin ko siya ng pasayahan ng buhay... i'm confident enough.

isa pa tama si jeeper. there's a lot more of isolation in the call centers than in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with emo/lonely? basically, that's the point of your blog.. to EMOte. XD to express your feelings. blog nga eh. eh kung sa malungkot buhay niya eh. buti nga he/she can express his/her feelings in a way. duh. sabihin mo nga sa kanya yun bago siya mag judge using general terms!! HAHA. inaway ba daw. XD

it's really irritating waking up to hammering. *symphatizes* lol.

congrats on the 20k!

Anonymous said...

It's proven, tried and tested that a blogger's ever-complicated life would be found beyond utter deep shit if family members and some unwanted frienemies get to have even a single glimpse of his or her blog. Remember that.

Emoshitnal people rock my sox. But too much whining is kinda irritating. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. pag magaling kang manunulat, expected talaga na may mga ganyang komento. ibig sabihin lang nun, hindi ka ordinaryong manunulat kasi affected sya. haha!

heniway konglats sa iyong 20000 hits!!!

garytarugo said...

wow, two years ka na palang nagba-blog. congrats sa 20,000++ hits mo. lagi kitang binabasa. sana magpatuloy kang magsulat (at magblog).

btw, may hiniram nga pala akong picture mula sa yo -- yung picture ni joseph bitangcol at ni mura. sobrang laughtrip yun! hehe.

Anonymous said...

ahihihi yeah.. i must admit... madaming Bloggers na LOSER... pero may Onti din naman na cool.......

pero ung mga ganyan na tao na ibig sabihin insecure yan! whaha

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your 20kth hit! keep blogging. masaya ang mag-blog. balang araw maiintindihan din to ng mas maraming tao

Jigs said...

Why so gloomy a post for your 20000th mark?

Anyway, You write well, really well as a matter of fact. Let no one tell you otherwise...

Anonymous said...

congrats on your 20kth hit mark! more 20k's to come!

baka gusto mo 26k din! hehe. deal or no fucking deal?! hehe

panghent said...

wow, isang tingin mo lang at nasindak na..hehe, napadaan lang..and from this enrty, magaling ka magsulat! haha.. :D

congrats sa 20000++ hits! WOW!

bulitas said...

@ mandaya moore: thanks.

@ kiro: oo kiro! para sa lahat ang blog! apir!

@ jeeper: yeah. all those hammering noise sucks. =)
thanks for the drop.

@ still:salamats.

@ lojik:emo ba ang aking blog? wahaha. hayaan niyuo na siya.

@ cars:thanks for the sympathy.

@ tala:haha. do i whine too much?? =)

@ plue:tsalamats plue!

@ gary:salamat sa palagiang pagbabasa. re the pic, cge lang. nakuha ko lang din namna yun sa isa pang blog. aliw nga. wahaha.

@ hener:yaan mu na siya. wahaha.

@ bikoy:sana dumating na ang panahong iyon. salamats sa pagdaan. =)

@ jigs:am not that gloomy. =) thanks for the drop.

@ rob:haha. no deal! =P

@ panghent:salamats. =)

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