chaos of the mind and heart

hitting the next button over and over again to browse over my friends list on friendster and battling over the resisting characters of the keyboard somehow kept me sane for the remaining minutes of the day.

freeing your leg trapped in cactus thorns was nothing compared to having a tabularasa mind while staring in the monitor.

all the while i thought i was walking beside time
all the while i thought we were friends
but lately, i realized i was caught in a labyrinth running after her.

watched a couple of cinemalaya entries earlier at cineLB.

putot was good, parang pelikula was better, orasyon was great.
after seeing orasyon, it occured to me that faith, hope and unaswered prayers could be a good recipe for suicide.


brewing vague emotions from the unresponsiveness of the world is easier
than creating a world from arbitrary characters of s-c-r-i-p-t
floating in your head.

so they say, life isn't a race after all.
a finish line is just imaginary.
[how i wish my psyche would accept this claim]

i'm still figuring out a way to instantly gain money
aside from joining gameshows and reality games.

dependence on someone or something can be dragging.
no, there's nothing bad about dependence.
the letting go part is what's painful.

some relationships have to be visual to work out.
sometimes, the dynamics of the senses does not work in coherence with each other.

everything's a part of something.

i can't just slow down my pace,
i am not yet ready to feel the retaliation of my body.

i miss my former romys (room mates)
and those who happened to be part of our room.
bam, eric, ace, caty, blythe, aps, kel, rj, noli, daryl, chard, and nok.


zeus-zord said...


too much thought idol


sometimes, life is wat we least wxpect it

wala ako masabi e

Anonymous said...

I love randomness! whahhahah to much infos.hmm

Anonymous said...

I envy you dahil napanood mo na ang mga entries sa Cinemalaya.

Jigs said...

I agree with Zord. That's alot to take in for one blog post. :)

BTW, the new look is great!

Unknown said...

I don't think that the words Money and Instant should go together in the same phrase.

I like this layout better. Tagal ko na ring di nakaka-dapo dito. Oo, dapo, parang kalapating nagtatae lang.

Ha haaa, cheers!

Anonymous said...

ikaw ba si bulitas? WAW... sigurado ka? ahehe wala lang bago layout eh...or baka matagal na at di lang ako nakakadayo... sorry ah... musta naman... ang lalalim lage ng entry mo... babawan mo naman konte? HAHAHAHAHA jus kiddin... too much info daw...

Anonymous said...

aba, na-mention mo ako dito b1 ha. hehe.
"freeing your leg trapped in cactus thorns was nothing compared to having a tabularasa mind while staring at a monitor."
i guess you're right.

bulitas said...

to zord: yeah. too much, and there's more.

to gener: hehe. adik ka.

to jhed: yeah. ang galing ng mga entries.

to jigs: tnx.

to momel: why? =) what would u suggest buddy?

to ron: uu. ako pa rin si bulitas. nyek. di naman malalalaim yan. hehe.

ken: haha. tabularasa.

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