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To Mr. Elmer Rivera
18 July 2006

Mr. Elmer,

The echoes of your voice helped the direction of my sail.

The odyssey of searching for my voice drove me to the sea of solitude.

I should have listened to your warnings about the risks of sailing.

Waves of criticisms and storms of depression hit my ship.

It appeared as if not even its towering mast could withstand the sea’s turbulence.

Just when I thought I was close into drowning with self-pity,

I encountered a familiar monster.

It resembled most of my features but his was more prominent and huge.

The monster opened its mouth and released a deafening cry of my voice that enveloped my whole ship.

Waves and storm soon followed and the sea washed me ashore.

I broke the morning with a cry, but my ears were deaf of my voice.

I need your help, father. Please do tell me if I am triumphant. It is only you who have heard the faintest and the loudest cries of my voice.

I will be more glad if you will push me back to sail again on the open sea to another odyssey.


Your Son


& said...

an unfathomable post, dude. :) as usual.

from the opening, i thought elmer is your brother! HAHA tatay mo pala. oh well, karamihan sa bata ngayon; medyo ayaw na sa mga ama. dahil na rin siguro dahil di masyadong malapit ang mga ama sa anak (not generalizing) since trabaho sila. :D

ako. napakaaalaki ng utang na loob ko sa tatay ko. sobra, siya na kasi ang nagpalaki saken. sya ang sumakay sa mga trip ko, sya yung kabarkada ko sa bahay.


tama na nga. :)) sige tol!

Jigs said...

I actually thought Mr. Elmer was a teacher of some sort. Well, our parents are our first teachers. I'm not as close with my dad due to the fact that he works abroad. So we havent seen each other for quite a while.

Talamasca said...

Hah! Figured that out, as I've already stumbled upon your past entries regarding your mini troubles with your pop. I just hope everything will be straightened out. :-)

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