is a peculiar kind of equality that makes equal and unequal equal.

harsh realization: plato was right. the concept of equality is so utopian it blind states and its people of the hope of an ideal democratic society.


Talamasca said...

Ditto. :-)

But I'd still settle for our current political system. Why? Because Filipinos are born rebellious. Period.

Jigs said...

I hate politics, nothing good is ever said about it. Plus, no one is ever contented with what they got! They would always find something to bitch about!

Anonymous said...

i hate politics din..
bagsak ako sa polsci 11 at drop sa ps14.. enough reason to hate politics.. hehe

Anonymous said...

wahihihi ako gusto ko politics... ewan ko b... ang ayaw ko ung mga corrupt wahihi

Anonymous said...

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zeus-zord said...

politics sucks... hehe

im not into politics

but hmm

as long as the phil is still breathing, ill not put myself into their shoes


but im politically active


Dantes said...

nice post here!

politics well, there is still hope (I believe)

God save us all.

& said...

lintek. nabasa ko na yung post na yan, di pala ako nag-comment ahehe.

tama. :D democracy yan. nakakaasar mang isipin at nakakalito. totoo yan. politics ha? ang politika ay sadyang pinakamagulong TOPIC na talakayin, magkakaiba ng opinyon, at lahat nagpapatayan!


hihihi. tama. utopian nga. kumbaga it's far-fetched to perfection. malayong mangyari ang equality na hinahangad ng demokrasya.

ayos pa ang komunismo! HAHAHA!

Ate Sienna said...

figment na lang ata ng imagination ang "equality". hindi naman mangyayari yan talaga eh.

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