they were neither robert langdon nor sophie noveau. no, they were not even professional code breakers, but their stares made it appear as if they had a hard time deciphering my age.

i gave them all the clues: my driver’s license, my school id, and all the other ids i carried inside my wallet but they still demanded for proof.

how many times do i have to tell them that i am of legal age? i was about to call the attention of the manager when the guard finally allowed me to purchase my ticket.

the guard continued to give me shots of pessimistic glances as i made my way inside.
i wondered what’s up with those people, i wondered. it was as if my entrance to the movie house was a great deal for them.

ok. i saw the da vinci code, at last, after the queue of issues it faced.
seats were still full although the movie has been running for over a week.
thanks to the publicity caused by issues and controversies raised by many sides of the society, the movie attracted thousands of audience in the country.

anyways, despite what most “moralists” claim about the movie heretic and all, i still found its formula very fictional. the fast pace of the storyline makes it hard for an ordinary audience to recall the facts and so-called historical information presented in the film. unless the audience is a genius, or has a very powerful memory, he/she might experience information overload. on the other hand the info overload one tends to suffer in the movie was minor compared to the book.

the over reaction of the catholic church when the movie first had its publicity was, for me, futile. banning a movie that has long been published years before on text was a waste of time.

i’ve read the book 2 or 3 years ago when it first came out. well, it did made me think about the possibilities presented (ie. jesus and magdalene’s marriage etc.) but never has it took my faith away from me. i very well knew that the text was a form of fiction, a literature, a work of man that can either be presenting multiple layers of truth or not.

the burning of the dvc books recently by some moralist groups in the country was a not so smart move. they may have discovered the power of the text as a more powerful medium of communication transfer for it encourages greater recall than the motion picture, but the book-burning activities were just too late. they have not only wasted their money (by buying dvc books and burning them eventually), but also their effort.

frequent attacks against the controversial fiction was an insult to the audience. banning it on cinemas for the sole reason that it could rock the faith of christians, was insulting. authorities and groups behind the ban underestimates the power of the audience to rationalize and separate fact from fiction.

personally, the movie was not at all that moving. it appears like a usual movie with a usual plot presenting another probability in life. in fact, i nearly fell asleep on some scenes that i found boring.

if the catholic and the christian church, as well as the moralist groups are sincere with their plight of protecting the doctrines and the established conventions of faith and religion, they should have sued the national geographic channel for showing more controversial documentaries about the what could have truly happened on the course of the churches’ history. they have shown documentaries regarding the gospel of magdalene, the gospel of judas, phillip, the gnostic gospels, as well as the other messiahs.
those documentaries, are in-depth and could be more moving as compared to the dvc movie.

in addition, books already printed years before the conceptualization of the dvc such as the holy blood holy grail, the templar revelation, the gospel of mary magdalene and others were proof that the presentation of alternative truths have long been proliferated and allowed by the so called protectors of the christian faith and morality.

i don’t know if the whole fuss about the dvc was another conspiracy between the government, the church and some interest groups.
well. it's another code to crack.

i am getting tired of da vinci. why not bother about secrets of newton’s laws, or the mysteries of van gogh’s artworks? blah.

thanks to the movie, i got out of the cinema feeling quite sleepy, that i did not bother taking revenge on the rude ticket teller and guard.
can’t they crack it?! i just look young. those judgmental people!


in the end, what matters is what you believe.


/iambrew said...

waaaaaaahhhh! buti ka pa napanood mo na!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what matters is what you believe!

Anonymous said...

ikaw na ang tunay ng baby face bulits kaya npagkakamalang bata! eheheeh!

with all the issues and controversies... matagal nang nalaman ng tao na fiction talaga ang story! lalo na nung ginawang movie kase exaggerated na masyado ang mga scene.

sa totoo lang..ang nagsasabi na lang na posibleng totoo un eh ang mga nagpapanggap na matalino at open minded sila. pero sa totoo lang di sila nag iisip.

ginamit lang ni dan braown ang pagiging maselan ng issue para mabasa ang book niya.perp magaling naman siya writer infairness!

nixda said...

magkano kaya ibinayad sa mga "komontra"??? hehehe

X-Men na lang mas enjoy pa!

babyface ka sa personal? di kyut ka :D

Juice said...

yep exactly, in the end of the day, what matters is what you believe in and what you stand up for :D

you're cute kc eh, that's why they didn't let you in the movie theatre! :P

krista said...

anuuu? hindi ka daw mukhang 18?! you should've given them the 1-2 combo na fortified ng sari-saring products na ineendorse mo! :p

Anonymous said...

haha matanda ka pa saken ah! grabe mukha na ata talaga akong bente :'(

haaay da vinci! ayoko na magsalita

read my post guys haha :D

*hala nag-promote daw ba? pero nabasa mo na din 'yan eh. haha :D

Anonymous said...

takot ba ang simbahan na mawala ang pananampalataya ng mga taong makakapanood ng dvc?? iniisip ba nila na hindi natin alam ang tunay at kathang-isip?? o iniisip nilang mahina ang pananampalataya natin??


Anonymous said...

Take it as a compliment, you look for your age! Haha! It's a compliment di ba?

Anyway, same here. I actually fell asleep in the middle of the movie. Immediately after Teabing and Langdon's explanation regarding the code-thingy. Haha!

And yes, useless na ang pag-protest ng moral groups, since nabasa na yata ng buong Pilipinas ang libro noh! Haha!

Nice blog you have here. ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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