silent! shrill! shh!

as politicians, celebrities, and pseudo celebrities exchanged nags, screams and hurled curses at each other on almost all media forms, my senses begged me to seek solace in silence.

being already intoxicated with the usual day to day noise of nagging, rants, raves, and rage(?), i've decided to give myself a break after work.

i asked my friends to see with me a movie. i believed then that the movie house can at least provide us a different kind of silence that my senses were craving for.

so we went to gateway having this belief that having a break form the whole day's stress can be achieved by watching a nice, feel-good, new movie.
at first, i insisted watching MI3, but since the queue was uber long and that the excitement and the amusement of the crowd could steal from us the silence that we were craving, we've ended up entering the gates of silent hill.

yes, it was unusual to seek solace within a movie house where the show was suspense/thriller/horror; but during that moment, we all wanted to experience the solace of innocent fear. the inner silence you experience whenever you share the same fear with other audiences because of the film.

and so the movie rolled in.
the eerie silence of the movie house slowly crept inside our bones.

at first, we all sensed that we were having the solace we were after
when a sudden scream broke the darkness embracing us.

the scream, which was actualy more of a shriek, slowly gathered giggles, then laughs from all sides of the movie house.

the scream came from a group of overreacting adolescent girls seated almost in front of the screen.

screaming on a horror flick is normal; given that you scream on considerably and generally scary parts of the film.

but screaming(shrieking) whenever the character opened the door of her car
and when the character was taking a stroll, was out of the ordinary.

imagine how they ruined the entire atmosphere of fear by dropping bombs of faux-shrieks that elicited laughter.

at first, me and my friends thought that we could tolerate it by focusing more on the film, but hell! the shriek was way powerful than the supposed to be blanket of fear in front of us.

the supposed to be horror flick turned comedy for most of the audience.

we were all laughing at the girl(s) untimely shrieks.
she was pathetic.
we were all pathetic.
the silence was all gone.
the idea of having a solitary moment with your inner fears was lost because of careless, untimely shrieks that maybe caused by too much adolescent hormonal imbalance.

anyways, playing deaf after all the annoying, untimely screams and laughter, the movie plot was considerably ok.

fair but not that substantial enough to follow up the raised issues of discrimination, false beliefes, fanaticism,love and faith.

i love the idea of portraying the devil as a fair creature with a considerable heart, doing only his/her task.


Unknown said...

If you've played the game before, you really have to admit na they made an admirable onscreen adaptation. Napanood ko ito last week, and I was wowed. Dun pa lang sa scene na ni-describe mo, about nung nagising na siya sa Silent Hill tapos wala na si Sharon (yung bagets), tapos she went out of the car to find herself surrounded by falling ash. Wow. Parang kailan lang eh nilaro ko to ah.


Juice said...

i admit, i am that kind of girl who gives an excitement jolt (shriek is too much) before the movie starts. but i know my limits, i never do any of those shrieking business during the movie.

God bless those girls. take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I should avoid Gateway for fear of encountering such "babies" when seeing a movie... hehehe :-) Darn, I haven't seen a movie in ages. I'll try this weekend.

Anonymous said...

hmm..if you want to find solace and silence..have you tried locking yourself in your room..turning off the tv or putting it in mute..then just sit there...? anyway, i get pissed off at REALLY REALLY LOUD girls or even guys who are so ignorant that a single move they make..they laugh about it. The world os full of them, but don't worry, a time to age always creeps up on them. Maraming salamat sa pagbulitas sa site ko.

Anonymous said...

kung katahimikan pala habol mo, nde ka dapat pumunta sa isang public place.
mas okay sa bahay. pramiz! kung balak mo mag unwind kalimutan mo muna ang katahimikan... have fun!

*nakakarelate ata ako pero di sa side mo, kasama ng mga OA*
grabe ka naman Irvin, hayaan mo na un, minsan kasi masayang magsisigaw (kahit mukhang ng OA)
paraan din kasi un para ma-release ung takot na nararamdaman nila, pwede na din stress. horror movie naman eh, expect that.

*nde ko pa pala napapanood 'yan buti ka pa..

Anonymous said...

oh well,

sabi nga nila to appreciate the movie fully, you have to play the game...but nonetheless, congratulation with your patience. madalas akong mabiktima ng ganyang mga 'shrieking gurls' sa mga pinapanood kong horror/suspense...imagine, pati nga shake, rattle and roll 2k5 may ganyan.


Doubting Thomas said...

i thought todays youth gets uneasy just with the thought of "silence"...

you must be really different.

well in a good way! :)

have a good day... and oh... going to movies? dont forget to watch DVC! hehe..

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