i am not supposed to blog on this one if not because of tara.

i need your rapid mouse-clicking abiities here my friends.
help me win an ipod mini.

you can also try it by clicking on the image below.


summoning luck! woohoo!

digress as usual

early this afternoon, i saw say alonzo at the abs compound.
haha. she's inches smaller than me.
(ok, enough about the height issues)
well, nothing special about it.
i actually had second thoughts if the girl behind me was actually her.
she was quite appealing in the flesh.
it was way different than her distorted face and contorted lips on tv.
whew! thank god i've finished my script on time last sunday!
to all my blogger friends who keep on clicking my link on their shoutboxes, comment boxes, and link-lists, thank you very much.
reaching a counter stst of 12,000++ visits since around september last year means a lot.
thanks to all the readers.
thanks to all the silent readers, if there are such.
you have all inspired me to keep on blogging for fun.
thank you for reading my rants, raves, and simple life stories and opinions.


Unknown said...

maybe they, we, all admire the source code on your blog?


Anonymous said...

hehehe..showbiz ka na naman? at para kang nagpapasalamat sa fans and sponsors ah! ehehehe..aus!

para san ginagawa mong script? play?

btw, what are you doing in abs compound? dun ka ba nag oojt?

Doubting Thomas said...

i think this is where my "welcome" goes in...

so... Welcome! reading your thoughts -- bulitas angle, is thought provoking!
(wow parang comment sa mga likod ng libro...)

Anonymous said...

i just read your journal...
nakakatuwa naman at nakita mo si Say... na-amaze lang ako.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

naman... hehe... naging starring tuloy ako ... hehe...

Anonymous said...

naman... hehe... naging starring tuloy ako ... hehe...

jho said...

haha! mas maganda nga si say sa personal. nakita ko na rin siya sa sm sta. rosa. ahehe!

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